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November 25, 2021 at 1:11 pm Quote #64930


I posted this in VHLinks, thought I’d share here too. I tried to find these recordings on both of these sites in the past and had no luck, so I made them myself. I took the 8 different parts from the Guitar Hero Van Halen video game files and made high quality mp3′s. These are 5 songs that normally fade out, but needed endings for the game because of the live concert setting. DTNA and Jamie’s Cryin’ don’t have the real endings that can be heard from the Groovefunkel alternate vocal mix and the Sunset Sound clips from youtube, but it’s still cool to hear endings to songs that we’re used to hearing with fade-outs. I assume these endings were either done by Van Halen or approved by them as they had direct involvement with the making of this game. Enjoy!


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