Live At The Selland Arena, Fresno, CA May 14/15 1992 (Remastered)

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Live At The Selland Arena, Fresno, CA May 14/15 1992 (Remastered)

1 Poundcake (Remastered) [Live] 5:27
2 Judgement Day (Remastered) [Live] 4:47
3 Spanked (Remastered) [Live] 5:03
4 When It’s Love (Remastered) [Live] 5:26
5 Man On A Mission (Remastered) [Live] 4:52
6 Right Here, Right Now (Remastered) [Live] 6:08
7 Why Can’t This Be Love (Remastered) [Live] 3:54
8 Finish What You Started (Remastered) [Live] 5:55
9 You Really Got Me / Cabo Wabo (Remastered) [Live] 8:01
10 Jump (Remastered) [Live] 4:18
11 In ‘n’ Out (Remastered) [Live] 6:33
12 Dream Is Over (Remastered) [Live] 4:28
13 Best Of Both Worlds (Remastered) [Live] 4:31
14 Top Of The World (Remastered) [Live] 4:54

Release Date: 7 Mar. 2017
Label: Market House Music
Copyright: ℗ 2017 Musique Orcharde © 1992 CC Music
Total Length: 1:14:17

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If it were FLAC I would be all over it … I don’t Spotify.

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Isn’t this just the show(s) as the Live: Right Here Right Now live album?

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JasonA: Isn’t this just the show(s) as the Live: Right Here Right Now live album?

It isn’t a copy of RH:RN, but it’s close.

The set list parallels the August of 1992 broadcast “Cabo Wabo Rock Radio Festival”, but omits a couple of tracks. As we know, the “Cabo Wabo Rock Radio Festival” broadcast and RH:RN share the same source (Fresno).

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but how does Label: Market House Music release this legitimately on Spotify? weird. I guess it’s like the other bootleg / radio broadcasts that get released via Amazon.

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Hey guys,

I don’t want to say anything bad, but this is the same live recording of the original LIVE RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.

I don’t think it’s a legal release.

It’s the copy ( slightly modified here and there) of the original live..

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Live At The Selland Arena Fresno CA May 14-15 1992
Room On Fire
Format: gatefold 2xLP
Cat: ROOM 102
Released: 20 Jul 2021

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Another LP version….

April 22, 2022 at 3:34 pm Quote #65388

Vince G.

ron: Another LP version….

This one arrived earlier this week. I’m listening to it now, and most, if not all, of Hagar’s between song raps are edited out.

I don’t have a professional ear, but what I’m hearing right now is fine with me, and I like it.

The closest I’ve had a chance to ever hear anything from “L:RHRN” on vinyl is from an official 7″ single I ordered that had live versions of “Dreams” and “Judgement Day” on them. I’d have to say this live album is pretty comparable to the 7″.

Until the VH camp decides to officially release “L:RHRN” on vinyl (perhaps as a Record Store Day release?), this is what I/we’ll have to be satisfied with.

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:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

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More Fresno vinyl released recently.


Catalogue No. Red: SRFM0024CV
Catalogue No. Marbled: SRFM0024ME
Catalogue No. Splatter: SRFM0024SP

August 13, 2022 at 11:41 am Quote #65625


Also recently released on 2 LP and CD.
LP: 5065010098121
CD: 5065010098138


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