VH 2012-03-21 Ottawa

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Saw wolfsbane posted this on Guitars101. Didn’t remember seeing it here. Cheers!
Van Halen
March 21, 2012
Scotiabank Place
Ottawa (Kanata), Ontario
Source Info: iPhone 4S (Voice Memo App)-> MP4 audio (m4a)-> WAV-> Steinberg Clean+ (add treble)-> TLH
Location: Section 104, Row L (Wolfie’s side)
Sound Quality: Good
Taper: tone1963
Total time: 114:43
01. Unchained (4:41)
02. Runnin’ With the Devil (3:36)
03. She’s The Woman (3:01)
04. Romeo Delight (5:31)
05. Tattoo (4:40)
06. Everybody Wants Some (6:08)
07. Somebody Get Me A Doctor (3:53)
08. China Town (3:25)
09. Hear About It Later (4:53)
10. Pretty Woman (3:02)
11. Alex’s Drum Solo (2:59)
12. You Really Got Me (4:21)
13. The Trouble With Never (5:08)
14. Dance The Night Away (3:45)
15. I’ll Wait (5:06)
16. Hot For Teacher (5:26)
17. Women In Love (5:01)
18. Girl Gone Bad (4:37)
19. Beautiful Girls (3:43)
20. Ice Cream Man (8:30)
21. Panama (3:51)
22. Eddie’s Guitar Solo (8:14)
23. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love (4:56)
24. Jump (5:31)
Notes: This recording was meant for my personal VH collection hence the fact that proper recording gear was not used.
I didn’t want to take the chance that an audio recording of this show would not surface. This was the first Rock concert that
daughter and I attended together and quite fitting it was my favorite band. So, aside from some crowd noises,
the recording is very listenable but don’t expect it to be top notch like some of the other shows that are available from
this tour.
Van Halen – Ottawa, Ont – 03-21-12

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Sweet! Love a show with GGB!

Resident dickhead. I will hurt your delicate feelings.

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“Invalid Download Link” :(

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The mighty tone1963 !!

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?

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mrmojohalen: The mighty tone1963 !!

I’m so glad that I taped it

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Seems to be a second source of this show:


Van Halen
“A Different kind of Truth” Tour
Scotiabank Place
Ottawa, ON Canada
March 21st 2012
(Audience -Master-)

Gear: Unknown Mic > Roland R9
Position: Right Floor 21st Row


01 Unchained
02 Runnin’ with the Devil
03 She’s the Woman
04 Romeo Delight
05 Tattoo
06 Everybody wants Some
07 Somebody get me a Doctor
08 China Town
09 Hear about it Later
10 Oh, Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison)
11 Drum Solo
12 You Really got Me (The Kinks)
13 The Trouble with Never
14 Dance the Night Away
15 I’ll Wait
16 Hot for Teacher
17 Women in Love
18 Girl Gone Bad
19 Beautiful Girls
20 Ice Cream Man (John Brim)
21 Panama
22 Eddie Solo
23 Ain’t Talkin’ bout Love
24 Jump

Notes: It’s Van Halen with Diamond David Lee Roth, what else do I need to say, like seriously!
Awesome setlist, Daves voice sounded pretty good too, couple songs here an there were wonky

but still very enjoyable. I did miss Michael Anthonys presence though, Wolfgang held up his Bass

duties well and even his vocal duties too, but there’s only one Mikey, so….
This show was 3 days after my 40th birthday, and I ended up going by myself cause nobody

wanted to pay what the floor seats cost, I was 21 rows back on the right side, great view, and

sound. Only drawback was my main mics were damaged so i had to use my cheaper no name

backups, sound is still good, jus not as much definition in the instruments as my main church

audio mics. Enjoy the Ride



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