Random Shot Pensacola, FL 1995-03-11 EX+ SBD Liberated Bootleg

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Van Halen
Random Shot – Liberated Bootleg
Balance Tour – Kickoff show
March 11, 1995
Pensacola Civic Center
Pensacola, FL

Lineage = “Random Shot” 2CD Matrix: DGCD 052-2 [Silvers] -> EAC [secure] -> WAV -> Trader’s Little Helper [FLAC - level8]

**Excellent SOUNDBOARD recording sourced from Japanese TV broadcast**

The very first Van Halen show I had ever attended was in Austin, Texas on September 30, 1995, near the conclusion of the Balance Tour.
Little did I know at the time, this was during the tail end of Van Halen’s 15+ year reign as America’s top rock band…

Fast forward to June of 1996, Sammy was out and David Lee Roth was back in (or so we thought).
Jump ahead to October of 1996, Diamond Dave was out too…
In the aftermath, Van Halen’s credibility was completely destroyed.
While the band briefly limped on with former Extreme vocalist, Gary Cherone, it would never be the same for the once mighty Van Halen.

Flashback to the spring of 1995, Van Halen had recently released “Balance”, their fourth consecutive #1 studio album.
The companion world tour kicked off in the spring break capital of the world; Pensacola, Florida, on March 11th.

The complete first show of the Balance tour was broadcast in Japan on the WOWOW television network.
Several highlights from the Pensacola performance were aired during MTV’s 1995 spring break coverage, as well.
It’s highly likely that “Random Shot” was a byproduct of the WOWOW broadcast.

While listening to “Random Shot”, please put the events of 1996 out of your mind, and recall a time when Van Halen were still THE dominant force in the hard rock world!


VHBOOTS.COM for informing me that this essential bootleg existed.
Thanks Ron!

Van Halen:

Vocals/Rhythm Guitar: Sammy Hagar
Guitar: Edward Van Halen
Bass Guitar: Michael Anthony
Drums: Alex Van Halen

CD 1:

[01] Intro (0:41)
[02] The Seventh Seal (5:42)
[03] Big Fat Money (3:53)
[04] Runaround (6:20)
[05] Don’t Tell Me (What Love Can Do) (6:11)
[06] Amsterdam (6:47)
[07] When It’s Love (6:35)
[08] Can’t Stop Lovin’ You – Bass Solo (5:53)
[09] Aftershock (5:49)
[10] Alex’s Drum Solo (4:22)

Total Time – 52:17

CD 2:

[01] Best Of Both Worlds (5:45)
[02] Feelin’ (6:35)
[03] Guitar Solo – Eagles Fly (6:35)
[04] Take Me Back (deja vu) (4:25)
[05] 316 – Eddie’s Guitar Solo (7:05)
[06] Why Can’t This Be Love (3:41)
[07] Finish What Ya Started (5:58)
[08] Right Now (9:26)
[09] Panama (5:45)
[10] Dreams (5:50)

Total Time – 61:07

Running Time: 113:24 minutes
Total Size: 728MB

Download my releases via Usenet: http://nzbindex.nl/search/?poster=Hunter+%3Cjoemama%40isugly.ha%3E&more=1

August 25, 2017
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I received this 2CD set directly from Japan, yesterday.
Excellent soundboard recording. Check it out!
MEGA 16/44 FLAC: https://mega.nz/#F!Qmoy0bSb!ty9Mwv4pFScdYqcucM2tbg

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King Edward

Cool – Thanks for passing this along. Have an original version of this from back in the day, anxious to hear an upgraded version.

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This is indeed an excellent sounding show. I remember it well – cause Mike’s bass is noticeably buried in the mix!

Stay Frosty

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King Edward: Cool – Thanks for passing this along. Have an original version of this from back in the day, anxious to hear an upgraded version.

Random Shot was originally released in 1995. It sounds like a transfer of the audio track from a Hi-Fi VHS Stereo cassette. You can hear typical VHS crackle for a second or two during quieter parts of the recording.


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