Sammy and The Wabos 2001-09-09 Cleveland, OH

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Sammy and The Wabos
The Nautica
Cleveland, Oh.

Source: AUD via trade

Space Station #5
Sympathy For The Human
3 Lock Box
One Way To Rock
Give To Live
Top Of The World
The Love
Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy
Deeper Kind Of Love
Why Can’t This Be Love
Lay Your Hand On Me
Who Has The Right
Yogi’s So High
Eagles Fly
Who Do You Love
Little White Lies
High And Dry
Let Sally Drive
Mas Tequila
Heavy Metal
Finish What You Started
Cabo Wabo (funky Style)

Not my recording, received via trade. This show is amazing, a killer setlist from top to bottom. I always felt the period from the VH departure up to Ten13 was his most creative and best lyrics of his career. All of that is on full display here. This show ROCKS!

This show is part of my cataloging/ digitizing project that began in 2018. I have been taping concerts since the mid 70’s. I did this because I always wanted to be able to relive any concert I attended and to be more than just a pure memory. When I started, I had no intention (or method) of sharing these with anyone more than my friends. Ripping off artists was never my intention. When torrenting came about, I posted shows for a few years. Then the arguing started, the bitching and worst of all my recordings were showing up on Ebay and other places for sale. I have over a 1000 shows that I either taped myself or got through trade. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep the best records on these, so the lineage may not always be 100% correct. I will never intentionally discredit or mislead anyone. In the cases where I have the master, I have gone back and started from scratch to make a new master. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these shows as much as I have. If I make a mistake about something, it is not intentional. If you don’t like what you see, don’t grab it just move on. Life is too short. I post these shows now as I recently had some health issues that made me think that I have a piece of history that some may be interested in, so I share them now. Please respect the music and artists, please don’t sell. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these shows as much as I have. I have barely scratched the surface of my recordings, so if all goes well there should be postings for a long time to come.

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