Sammy Hagar 2005-05-12 Detroit, MI

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Sammy Hagar
Fox Theatre
Detroit, MI
May 12, 2005

Master recording from main floor, left.

Sony ECM-717 Mic (Sony MZ-R200 unit)
ProTools (ripped to 24/48, mastered/EQ/Widen)
As per Dime requirement, MiniDisc files have been
ripped to PCM format.

Sound quality is very good – I’d rate it a B+.

Tracks 1-9 are with The Wabos and 10-16 are with Los Tres Gusanos.

001 Shaka Doobie (The Limit).flac
002 There’s Only One Way To Rock.flac
003 Sympathy For The Human.flac
004 Serious Juju.flac
005 When The Hammer Falls.flac
006 Give To Live.flac
007 Things’ve Changed.flac
008 Deeper Kinda Love.flac
009 Red.flac
010 Baby’s On Fire.flac
011 Summertime Blues.flac
012 Bad Motor Scooter.flac
013 Up For Breakfast.flac
014 Right Now.flac
015 Best Of Both Worlds.flac
016 Let Me Take You There.flac

Do what you want with it, just do not sell it.
Support Sammy Hagar – buy his records and see him live.

This recording was made and shared by HeavyMetalAl
Ripped, mastered and uploaded by Adavici.

We are always looking for Detroit and other Michigan shows. If you
have masters and are willing to share, PM!!!

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When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?


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