Sammy Hagar and the Circle – 2019-04-20 Concord, CA

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Sammy Hagar and the Circle

April 20, 2019
Concord Pavillion
Concord, CA

DPA 4061s-battery box-Sony PCM-M10
Transfer M10-USB-audacity-cdwav editor-FLAC
Taped Lower Lawn

Trust Fund Baby
There’s Only One Way to Rock
Three Lock Box
I Can’t Drive 55
Can’t Hang
The 7th Seal
Finish What Ya Started
Right Now
Devil Came to Philly
Full Circle Jam
Rock Candy
Why Can’t This Be Love
Rock and Roll
Heavy Metal
Mas Mezquila
Eagles Fly
When It’s Love

Don Felder (recorded)
Stone Foxes (not) were the openers

this was sponsored by my local moldly oldies classic rock station for the anniversery of the morning show (dont know I dont do radio I stream) Ok this was a fun way to kick off my 2019 major concert season. I had seen Sammy before 3 times (chickenfoot, Solo, and Solo for charity) but I had not seen him dig into the Van Hagar material so this was fun (although his new guitar player needs to bone up on it) I am missing the last song, it was fucking cold out there (in the 50s and windy)so after almost 1 hour 45 minutes (and a fear of missing my train back to the city) and freezing my ass off I was out!

Sound is decent. My normal lawn section was partitioned off for a reserved lawn section (I hate live nation) so I was subject to more of the elements. And people were super drunk.
It needed a volume boost.As always dont sell it share it “It’s only a memory unless someone records it!”

15b793ae425554c04859e007e1806842 [shntool] Don Felder\Track 01.flac
881d571de6ef04c3fb820d1ef28b4006 [shntool] Don Felder\Track 02.flac
09c178d9c07ab2798c7e8da2bb517d39 [shntool] Don Felder\Track 03.flac
0858cfb96134b9b9c59560b1120a7214 [shntool] Don Felder\Track 04.flac
ccfbf3297c2ca8a3517ea8c86242506c [shntool] Don Felder\Track 05.flac
ef0a00a3fed4feff8153b449f0459e38 [shntool] Don Felder\Track 06.flac
88752f3bfa48fafc6afc3a5f878998a7 [shntool] Don Felder\Track 07.flac
d5fbdfa78bebd5b3b5407660e90def55 [shntool] Don Felder\Track 08.flac
000ba40eb918c05a81cfb0e5eed31ae6 [shntool] Don Felder\Track 09.flac
b533607e1ff60901eccb818772f4ed97 [shntool] Don Felder\Track 10.flac
0c9c7ee45ea2a9ac97d616776b215e6e [shntool] Sammy Hagar\Track 01.flac
f072c3e6ea46f8c0197101126abfd905 [shntool] Sammy Hagar\Track 02.flac
14d95a51544176e8cb214b21cedc6489 [shntool] Sammy Hagar\Track 03.flac
953c8852b9120a89fca4badb46c2eaec [shntool] Sammy Hagar\Track 04.flac
5fdedd7effeffcc892e11538c6315119 [shntool] Sammy Hagar\Track 05.flac
0acb9d4003e255415452b0096a856312 [shntool] Sammy Hagar\Track 06.flac
25c10954f5f726de02b40c4456be5e0b [shntool] Sammy Hagar\Track 07.flac
37c3be073bfae52b5eca115a0b44a8c9 [shntool] Sammy Hagar\Track 08.flac
c2da817808711f96604fa65e17dbc599 [shntool] Sammy Hagar\Track 09.flac
fd0ed025df7f6a7ce06ffd83806b3a18 [shntool] Sammy Hagar\Track 10.flac
dbb0ec5de1d4c0b84a0708e2777ef870 [shntool] Sammy Hagar\Track 11.flac
d822630c0bd818701fca3274e84da8a0 [shntool] Sammy Hagar\Track 12.flac
75e7b3c0012b4d675e090e2c44586eee [shntool] Sammy Hagar\Track 13.flac
b6f93f91c19d8854e2593111aab804ca [shntool] Sammy Hagar\Track 14.flac
e62d1f812c48892c7ee85927cef58fca [shntool] Sammy Hagar\Track 15.flac
851f30337d3faf7527d56e53db1845ba [shntool] Sammy Hagar\track 16.flac
8d86a85ab1f1143f710b6e961623f8ed [shntool] Sammy Hagar\Track 17.flac

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When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?

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