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Steel Panther
Rude, Crude, and Lewd, at the House Of Blues
2017 Girls In A Row Tour
24/96 HD Audio Edition – Church Audio CA-11 Source
March 16, 2017
House Of Blues
Dallas, Texas

Lineage: Church Audio CA-11 Cardioid Mics – > Church Audio Ugly 2 Preamp (Gain setting +15db) -> Sony PCM-M10 -> REC LEVEL 8 -> 24/96 WAV -> Mastered by rockphantom using Izotope RX4 & Ozone 5 -> Audacity 2.1.2 (tracking/fades) -> Trader’s Little Helper 2.7.0 (FLAC level 8 lossless compression & verification) -> YOU

Excellent audience recording!
Minimal crowd noise.
This is another STELLAR rockphantom capture!!
I believe this recording is NEAR soundboard quality.
You decide!

WARNING: **The content on this recording should be considered NC-17**

Thank you to techtuts for teaching me how to master my own recordings.
Your guidance and patience is tremendously appreciated!
Custom Ozone template for this recording provided by techtuts.

Where should I begin?
I have been a big fan of Steel Panther since I first heard cuts from their 2009 debut, “Feel The Steel” on’s “Party Metal” station.
Their raunchy sense of humor contrasts greatly with my clean cut personality. I enjoy living vicariously through Steel Panther’s outrageous lyrics.
The March 16, 2017 House Of Blues show in Dallas, TX was my first time to see the band.

Steel Panther never performed for the general public while I was living in Austin.
The band did perform at SXSW 2009 as well as at an unadvertised private club show as part of the 2014 Fun, Fun, Fest.
Austin has NO rock scene because the stuck-up hipsters that have overrun the city frown upon “unsophisticated” forms of entertainment!
To hell with those shallow transplant carpetbaggers! Thanks for ruining a great city! Assholes…

OK, back to the story…

As I usually do, I skipped the general on-sale for the House Of Blues Steel Panther gig.
I was able to pick up a front row balcony box seat at face value ($57), 2 weeks before the show,
once all of the unsold VIP tickets were dumped into the general ticket pool.
This front row balcony seat turned out to be a prime taping spot as the right hanging speaker stack was directly in front of me with no obstructions!
Even better, I had an aisle seat, and the seat to my right ended up on StubHub and was never used, so I had no one sitting next to me!
Considering the magnitude of my first Steel Panther show, I decided to record the concert with both of my M10 recorders.
I used my Soundman OKM-R omni mics to produce the second source. In my opinion, the CA-11 capture completely blows the OKM-R version away!
I don’t plan to share the OKM-R recording because it is THAT bad!
Be sure to grab the CA-11 capture if you need to hear this WILD show!
Is it just me, or are omnidirectional mics worthless?

Going into the Steel Panther concert, I expected a decadent night of lewd entertainment. That was fine by me!
I thought the comedic routines between songs were hilarious. In fact, you may hear me chuckle from time to time.
I recall reading fellow taper thesedays95′s review of the Steel Panther show in Lille, France on 2016-10-08 and how he/she was disappointed by the extended comedic bits.
If English isn’t your first language, I could completely understand why you would be turned off by the non-musical routines.
Steel Panther’s raunchy brand of humor seems geared towards American audiences.
Look at who the ignorant residents of the United States elected as their president.
Then you’ll understand why. Down with Trump!

Steel Panther’s politically incorrect humor really got a rise out of me.
With all of the doom and gloom surrounding modern day society, Steel Panther are just what we need.
Hearing the band goof on the fans and venue staff was hysterical.
For example: stating that the black security guards were going to tear up the vaginas of girls in the audience with their monster dongs was extremely tasteless.
I loved it!

The band brought a harem of women (17?) on stage to dance during 17 Girls In A Row.
Several of them exposed their boobs while on stage, including a girl named Jane who was celebrating her birthday.

Russ “Satchel” Parish is an amazing guitarist.
I believe he was the original gunslinger in Hollywood based Van Halen tribute, The Atomic Punks.
Satchel’s tapping extravaganza and medley of iconic guitar riffs during his solo was impressive.
I have reason to suspect that there was another guitarist backstage filling in the sound.
There were times when Satchel would be goofing around during a tune, while a lead guitar track was still audible in the mix.

Ralph “Michael Starr” Saenz is ultimate embodiment of a David Lee Roth inspired frontman. He has Diamond Daves’ persona down pat!
I would LOVE to see “David Lee” Ralph Saenz collaborate with Van Halen before the legendary Pasadena, California band retires.

I will definitely catch Steel Panther the next time the opportunity presents itself!
Make sure to BUY all of Steel Panther’s official releases, including the new album: “Lower The Bar”!
My favorite Steel Panther album is “Balls Out”.
Every song on this release cracks me up! Will “Balls Out” ever be topped?
Who knows?

I must state that the House Of Blues in Dallas has an excellent room sound!
The Steel Panther show was my second field recording in this venue.
I was extremely impressed by the acoustics of the House Of Blues.
The Las Vegas House Of Blues sounds excellent as well.

FUN FACT: Did you know that Ralph Saenz (Michael Starr) has a PhD in English Literature?
This would explain the insightfulness of Steel Panther’s lyrics!

Dallas, TX based support band JUNK was also taped.

If you want the 24/96 versions of my recent masters, grab them from the following newsgroups:

alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.24bit, alt.binaries.sounds.flac, or alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.bootlegs

I have learned there is little demand for high resolution audience recordings on the torrent scene.

Steel Panther:

Vocals: Michael Starr – Ralph Michael Saenz
Lead Guitar: Satchel – Russell John Parish
Bass Guitar: Lexxi Fox – Travis Haley
Drums: Stix Zadinia – Darren Leader

[01] Intro (0:38)
[02] It Won’t Suck Itself (2:55)
[03] Tomorrow Night (4:50)
[04] Dallas banter and band introductions (9:42)
[05] Stix Zadinia Jam (0:33)
[06] Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World (4:12)
[07] Asian Hooker banter (0:38)
[08] Asian Hooker (4:14)
[09] Asian Hooker – Lower The Bar banter (3:36)
[10] Poontang Boomerang (3:43)
[11] Let Me Cum In (3:33)
[12] Satchel – guitar solo (11:13)
[13] Turn Out The Lights (4:25)
[14] Female anatomy banter (4:17)
[15] Happy Birthday Jane (3:55)
[16] Girl From Oklahoma (5:31)
[17] Girls on stage banter (2:00)
[18] 17 Girls In A Row (4:00)
[19] Gloryhole (4:35)
[20] Domino banter (2:42)
[21] Anything Goes (3:07)
[22] Community Property (3:48)
[23] Metal banter (0:41)
[24] Death To All But Metal (3:02)
[25] encore break (3:21)
[26] Fat Girl (Thar She Blows) (4:13)
[27] Show closing banter (1:57)
[28] Party All Day (Fuck All Night) (3:38)
[29] Band introductions – Outro (1:47)

Running Time: 107 minutes
Total Size: 1.98GB

IMPORTANT NOTE: I’m new to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and am eager to meet new friends who would be interested in attending (and taping) rock shows together.

If you’d like to join the taping community, please let me know…
Going to concerts with friends is MUCH MORE FUN!

I’m a full-time student at the moment.
I’m looking for an enjoyable part time job in Arlington to make a few extra bucks on the side.
Let me tape your band in DFW! Reasonable rates and quick turn around!
I’ll tape ANYTHING for a price…

URGENT: I am interested in taping the Guns N’ Roses show at the Alamodome in San Antonio on September 8, 2017.
However, I am NOT interested in spending $300 to see Guns N’ Roses AGAIN!
If you have an extra ticket to spare, please keep me in mind. Thank you!!

REQ: An uncompressed capture of the Bad Company Dallas, TX 2016-09-08 AXS TV broadcast.

REQ: Any uncirculated Guns N’ Roses audio/video from the SLASH ERA in lossless format.
Does anyone have a recording of the Guns N’ Roses performance at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas
on September 4, 1992? If so, please share!

REQ: Any uncirculated Journey/Steve Perry lossless audio/video.

I plan to upload this recording to DIME, The Trader’s Den, and Usenet (a.b.sounds.lossless, a.b.sounds.flac, a.b.sounds.lossless.bootlegs).

You are welcome to upload this recording to any blog/file locker/forum/non-music themed tracker as long as the *ENTIRE* file set is available for FREE download!

Download my releases via Usenet:

I don’t want anyone on Earth to spend a penny on this recording!!
Respect my wishes, eBay parasite SCUM!!

March 19, 2017
Dallas/Fort Worth (Arlington)


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If anyone gets a copy of this and would be willing to trade for us who are download challenged :mrgreen: please let me know


March 20, 2017 at 9:50 pm Quote #56189


I may be able to help you out….
Here are MEGA download links for you.
16/44 –!8YBkkRJY!4ertWGYjkUEZfLd32e1lWQ
24/96 –!lE52gb4I!saF8tAwzEhZnsgGPV1XKXA
VBR MP3:!oVwyVACZ!pypuBewpEWpENoO47q2wHg
I’d like to request that anyone who downloads from the MEGA links please reply to this thread.
I would like to keep track of who grabs this release.
Thank You!

March 21, 2017 at 10:47 am Quote #56194


Thanks for trying but I have no clue how to download. Was just looking for someone to do a old school trade with me. Once again, thanks!



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