Van Halen 1979-10-02 Tucson, AZ FLAC/SBD/Vinyl Rip (nakedeye remaster)

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*Remastered by nakedeye and posted by nakedeye25 (AKA naked *

Van Halen
Tucson, Az.
Convention Center
“Tora! Tora! Tucson”

Contrast Clause:
This is a remaster of the Mad Hatter release “Takes On Tucson”.
The original 16/44.1 release can be found here: :: EzTorrent v0.7.0r495 :: Login
A BitTorrent tracker page generated by EzTorrent v0.7.0r495

Original Lineage: Stereo Soundboard Recording To LP Master To Wav 24/48 To Magix Audio Cleaning Lab
For KRW Track Marks, Volume Adjustment and Edits>Wav(16/44.1)>Traders Little Helper Flac 8
Additional Lineage: Audacity>Wav>Soundforge>Audacity>Flac

This is a remastered release, of the soundboard recording, taken from the Mad Hatter release of
“Takes On Tucson”. As the original release was on LP, there is a slight underlying rumble
present mostly during the in-between song banter. It is not too distracting and really is mostly heard only in the
quieter parts. On this particular show a few touch ups were needed to really bring out the sound. The bottom end
was somewhat lacking so I gave it a boost as well as a bit of EQ. I also widened the sound field slightly to
give the music a bit of space to expand. It now has a richer, fuller sound. The Drums and Bass are also slightly
more up in the mix. I fixed a few clicks and pops and smoothed out the transitions between songs. There are a couple
of cuts in the show. The beginning of Outta Love Again is cut as is the ending of Atomic Punk. I also smoothed out the
LP flips which were after Beautiful Girls, Jamie’s Cryin’, and Eruption. Overall a pretty good show that now sounds
a little better…

Set List:
01)Light Up The Sky 3:39
02)Somebody Get Me A Doctor>Drum Solo 6:59
03)Running With The Devil 4:39
04)Dance The Night Away 3:07
05)Beautiful Girls 3:22
06)Dave’s Everybody Wants Some Intro 4:43
07)I’m On Fire 3:05
08)Bass Solo 2:05
09)You’re No Good 3:01
10)Jamie’s Cryin’ 4:09
11)Fools Intro>Gypsy Woman Story 2:55
12)Feel Your Love Tonight 6:21
13)Outta Love Again 4:35 (fades in)
14)Ice Cream Man 6:12
15)Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 12:57
16)Eruption 5:11
17)You Really Got Me 10:56
18)Bottom’s Up 6:31
19)Atomic Punk 1:26 (fades out)

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?

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The direct link to DIME is dead for me. When I use the guitars101 link and then click the DIME link, it works. Thanks for sharing. I have this vinyl, but I don’t have any other way to transfer it other than direct to MP3.


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