VH 1984-05-07 Reno

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Van Halen
Lawlor Events Center
Reno, NV
May 7, 1984

I got this from Dime around 2007. All info is from that original torrent.

Lineage: AUD>1st gen cass>Sony tape deck>TDK standalone burner>CDR(3)>EAC(secure/offset)>WAV>FLAC(level 5)
Quality: A-/A
File Size: 782 MB, FLAC

Disc 1
Total Time: 64:29
01 Unchained 4:05
02 Hot For Teacher 4:10
03 Drum Solo 3:05
04 On Fire 3:05
05 Runnin’ With The Devil 3:15
06 Dave Raps 2:40
07 Little Guitars 4:15
08 Cathedral 2:35
09 House of Pain 4:08
10 Bass Solo 4:59
11 Jamie’s Cryin’ 3:20
12 I’ll Wait 4:55
13 Keyboard Solo 2:00
14 Everybody Wants Some!! 17:51

Disc 2
Total Time: 52:48
15 Girl Gone Bad 5:09
16 1984 1:11
17 Jump 4:20
18 Guitar Solo (Pt I) 6:08
19 Guitar Solo (Pt II) 9:40
20 (Oh) Pretty Woman 3:00
21 Panama 5:30
22 Crowd Noise 1:45
23 You Really Got Me 6:55
24 Crowd Noise 2:00
25 Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 7:05

The hallmark of this show is what went wrong during “Everybody Wants Some!!” For most of the song, everything’s
going normally, Dave makes the routine 1984 EWS jokes, but when it’s time to come back in to finish the song,
the guitar craps out on Eddie around the 13:10 mark Dave says, “In show biz, this is what we call getting…getting
caught with your pants down here…I’ve always wanted to do this.” Dave apparently does something wild in front
of the crowd as we hear a loud pop from the crowd, and Alex keeps banging the drums (eventually joined by Mike
on bass) until they fix the guitar problem The band stalls for about a total of 3 minutes Finally the guitar comes
back in and Dave goes, “I heard you missed us, we’re back!”

That notwithstanding, this is a pretty tight show Not perfect, but tight Recording quality is damn close to the 1984
North Carolina masters Some notable points for this show/recording: this one has a really explosive start with a
solid performance of “Unchained.” Ed screws up 2:53-2:56 of “Hot For Teacher” in the scale.. we really hear the
throbbing bass keyboard notes in “I’ll Wait” on this recording above most other recordings….there is a tape flip
between “Jamie’s Cryin’” and “I’ll Wait.” Ed screws up 2:01-2:05 of EWS…”Jump” is near flawless…” beginning
of (Oh) Pretty Woman sounds a little strange for a couple of seconds…tape change in the middle of the guitar
solo…there’s a longer jam than normal prior to “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” which lasts about 1:37…tracking on the
CD was done with a standalone burner, which is why some tracks might be a few seconds off This is also why the
guitar solo is two tracks, as the standalone was paused (which automatically creates a new track on standalones)
to put in the second tape where the guitar solo picks up I declined to change the tracking in any way.

The person who taped this is the same person who taped the following VH shows: Fresno 9/5/82, US Fest 5/29/83,
Los Angeles 5/14/84 This is Mark P’s 1st gen copy of this show

Please throw out and do not trade any other copy of this show unless it is a verified 1st gen cassette copy.

Recommended even for casual fans.

Thanks to Tim O in NY for the CDR copy.
Mark P’s 1st gen tape copy.
Brought to you by Lou from jamtothis.com

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This is fantastic!! I think I’ll share…;)

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anyone have a dropbox link?

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