Van Halen 1991-09-10 Costa Mesa, CA

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October 11, 2020 at 1:37 am Quote #62497


Haven’t seen this one before…

Van Halen
Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA
September 10, 1991

Big D Productions

Recorded using an Olympus 8mm Movie Camera (Model VX-801) > TDK EHG 120 (Hand-Held)

Transfer using a Sony Video 8 XR (Model CCD-TRV37) (NTSC) > Sony DVD Burner (Model VRD-MC6) @ SP Mode

DVD extracted using DVD Decrypter > VIDEO_TS folder > TLH checksums

Traders Den – October 10, 2020

Digitized & posted by kingrue upload #2745

Today we’ve got a brand new Van Halen video, digitized & shared for the first time. This is “Never Before Seen” footage.

Unfortunately, it appears that the filmer didn’t record the last 2 songs.

Check screen captures for quality

Band line-up
Sammy Hagar – lead vocals, guitar
Eddie Van Halen – lead guitar, backing vocals (passed Oct 6, 2020. aged 65)
Michael Anthony – bass, backing vocals
Alex Van Halen – drums, backing vocals

Total Time = 01:45:52

Set list
Judgement Day
When It’s Love
There’s Only One Way to Rock
Michael Anthony Bass Solo
Alex Van Halen Drum Solo
A.F.U. (Naturally Wired)
Why Can’t This Be Love
Finish What Ya Started
Eagles Fly
Eddie Van Halen Solo (w/316/Eruption/Cathedral)
Best of Both Worlds
I Can’t Drive 55
The Dream is Over
Jump (Not Filmed)
Top of the World (Not Filmed)

To put it bluntly, the video is difficult to watch, it’s distant, shaky, with major obstructions and black screen.

and when you do see the stage, it’s out of focus, almost to the point of frustration.

You’ll be hard pressed to sit through this one, it’s a shame, considering it’s never been seen before, but it’s got Eddie. (RIP)

Thanks to the man filming, At least we have a new Van Halen video to check out.

I’ve never see any audio recordings circulate from this night.


Technical information offered by GSpot v2.70a

Video Source: Olympus Camera (Model VX-801)
Video Lineage: 8mm master
Taper Big D Productions
Video Codec: MPEG-2
Video Bitrate: 10080 kb/s
DVD Author: kingrue
DVD Length: 106 min
Chapters Every 5 min
Video File Size 3.60 GB

Audio Source:
Audio Codec: AC3
Audio Bitrate: 48000Hz 256 kb/s, stereo 2 channel.

Screen Size: 720 x 480 (4:3 ratio)
Fms: 52,590
kbps: 4511
frames 29.970



5ce8a3a75d5991919849dd00fbd6cf25 *VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.BUP
5ce8a3a75d5991919849dd00fbd6cf25 *VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO
b255c6819bbcb8d5fca22419fa61acc1 *VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.VOB
fe864ff76aa50413008ade1ab9386911 *VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_0.BUP
fe864ff76aa50413008ade1ab9386911 *VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_0.IFO
428c28c03533cb573ca529707806942e *VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB
fa285b9d5dfe7535c332068fe8295b01 *VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_2.VOB
d5a3b02f2f1885dfc9945a1b8788f264 *VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_3.VOB
e2977d20961384b5ab7547bb0f2ec5fa *VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_4.VOB

No errors occured.


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