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This has just been upped on dime.

Van Halen
Arco Arena
Sacramento, California
May 15, 1995
the band:
Edward Van Halen
Alex Van Halen
Michael Anthony
Sammy Hagar
lineage: recording: Sony PC-62 mic > Sony WM-D3 > TDK SA 90 chrome cassette > 1st gen cassette
transfer (Spring of 2015): TDK SA 90 cassette > Denon 790R > Kenwood A-522 amplifier > Kenwood GE-622 Equalizer >
DAT line out > line in on Tascam DR-2D > WAV > audacity (for boosting) > CD wav (for track splitting) > Traders
Little Helper (conversion to FLAC / level 8).
tracklist (123:34):
01 The Seventh Seal
02 Big Fat Money
03 Runaround
04 Amsterdam
05 When It’s Love
06 Top of the World
07 Michael Anthony Solo / Aftershock
08 Alex Van Halen Solo
09 Can’t Stop Lovin’ You
10 Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
11 Feelin’
12 Eagles Fly
13 You Really Got Me
14 Eddie Van Halen solo
15 Why Can’t This Be Love
16 Finish What Ya Started
17 Right Now – applause
18 Don’t Tell Me What Love Can Do
19 Panama
Ballsdeep notes: I don’t have much to say for this one…as I wasn’t even there. a friend (Dave P.) taped this in Sacramento
with his D-3 while I went to Mountain View for R.E.M and Sonic Youth on the same night. Stated as such as the recorder
and microphones are a bit different than the previous Oakland and San Jose gigs. and this is transferred from a 1st gen tape,
as he has the masters. I’m pretty sure this has never been uploaded before….it’s a solid show, and I do believe complete.
I will say that all 3 of these shows have a slightly ‘hollow’ sound to my ears. I blame the Sony 909 mic, as a short
appeared my favored Sonic Studios (DSM6P) when at White Zombie in Phoenix on May 10, and I had to mail them to Oregon
via Express Mail to get them somewhat repaired (Leonard never did replace the wires, in 2016 the mics are on their last
legs) and returned for the rest of the trip starting with The Black Crowes May 17 in L.A.
I believe they’d be a bit more ‘punchy’ on the low end with the SS mics, but don’t worry, having had a few years taping
experience at this point, they’re still very solid documents of the time. or, Eddie sounds fine, and crowd noise is pretty
much at a minimum (again, this is after spot listens, haven’t listened to every second of every show again, but I’m pretty
happy with what I hear), though this Sacramento gig has a bit more crowd noise than Oakland or San Jose.
Also, Slash’s Snakepit opened (the only 3 shows of the VH tour doing so, they were a last minute add before Slash and Co.
headed to Japan), the San Jose and Oakland opening sets are complete, Sacramento I believe is the last 4 songs only, I
believe Dave got there late.
It sure is nifty how one can post show availability in a torrents comment section, send a show to someone over the interwebs
(sic) and have it uploaded in less time than just mailing tapes/cds one way in the mail. BIG thanks to in_halen for the
upload…you never know what may pop up next.
in_halen notes: Thanks to Steve H. (ballsdeep) for the opportunity to upload this tasty master! This is a very solid recording
of a vaguely controversial period in VH history; myself, I rather enjoy this period, though, to Steve’s point, I also missed
this tour and saw the R.E.M. show instead, but, in Denver!
01 The Seventh Seal.flac:6ba785a624d3c121b69109cc377cc652
02 Big Fat Money.flac:e68258ab396954ad0b50f9aa8506281f
03 Runaround.flac:f4006960001e0ad3b3cf7d13aa668f3d
04 Amsterdam.flac:d4152e648346659d00dfc6383b006052
05 When It’s Love.flac:785356322bb8f4699a5cc4285cde573c
06 Top of the World.flac:f8a7533fd871ac03d1c0337196ddf6e5
07 Michael Anthony solo – Aftershock.flac:fa8a1139bd2de40cad5af65103d64500
08 Alex Van Halen solo.flac:7861c14f6f1915d2f1c8383915089997
09 Can’t Stop Lovin’ You.flac:ddb8d56e9e09b67d0a8819d5b63040c7
10 Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love.flac:f22debacd210d3356be667282db8f73a
11 Feelin’.flac:1b053707122408cf6b83d70eb519449e
12 Eagles Fly.flac:fad302d96fa15b3be234ad71a4dc789d
13 You Really Got Me.flac:790e184ea43bb48d79a8a2d17c6820ab
14 Eddie Van Halen solo.flac:97db2e69c5b3f34a93601ca09995f106
15 Why Can’t This Be Love.flac:1935448fa43bb64fefec03309156e953
16 Finish What Ya Started.flac:861e7d867438b3acdfa15cd64fbd684c
17 Right Now – applause.flac:17ebdb71eb578894e9999260d1d4011b
18 Don’t Tell Me What Love Can Do.flac:72eddbc435726f0ec6ce964c2c678092
19 Panama.flac:af175bfaaaf286f6fdfa99a22087834a
Checksum file saved to disk.
No errors occured.

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