VH 1991-12-04 Dallas, TX

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I know most here may have this show already but we do have a few new members that may not.


Van Halen
Dallas Free Show
Westend Marketplace
Dallas, Texas
December 4th, 1991

Pro Shot
BTB Productions
Menus & Chapters
2nd or 3rd generation VHS to DVD
Unknown Linage
Video: 720×480
4:3 ratio
Running Time: 70 minutes

1. Soundcheck and Crowd
2. Interview
3. Poundcake
4. Judgment Day
5. One Way To Rock
6. Runaround
7. Why Can’t This Be Love?
8. Panama
9. A Apolitical Blues
10. Finish What Ya Started
11. I Can’t Drive 55
12. Best Of Both Worlds
13. Top Of The World

Band Lineup:
Sammy Hagar
Eddie Van Halen
Alex Van Halen
Michael Anthony

Artwork: Included
Time stamp visible during the entire concert


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