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The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA 10th September 1982 PERFECT SOUND UPGRADE

Disc:1 (58:11)
1. Intro
2. Romeo Delight
3. Unchained
4. Drums Solo
5. The Full Bug
6. Runnin’ With The Devil
7. DLR Talks
8. Jamie’s Cryin’
9. Little Guitars
10. Where Have All The Good Times Gone!
11. Bass Solo
12. Hang ‘Em High
13. Cathedral
14. Secrets
15. Everybody Wants Some!!

Disc:2 (54:06)
1. Dance The Night Away
2. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
3. Ice Cream Man
4. Intruder
5. Pretty Woman
6. Guitar Solo
7. D.O.A.
8. Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love
9. Bottoms Up!
10. You Really Got Me incl. Happy Trails

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Product Details [via google translate]

The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA 10th September 1982 PERFECT SOUND


 VAN HALEN in 1982 was trying to transform from a full-fledged hard rock band to a rock band boasting big entertainment. A new masterpiece that conveys the scene is born.
 This work is recorded on “September 10, 1982 Inglewood”. It is a powerful audience recording recorded on the middle day of three consecutive nights at the famous venue “The Forum”. Speaking of 1982, the two major press masterpieces “CHARLOTTE 1982 (Zodiac 596)” and “MONTREAL 1982 (Zodiac 103)” are standard, but this work is in a slightly different position. First, let’s check the positional relationship of each from the overview of their activities at that time.

{April 14th release of “DIVER DOWN”}
・July 14th – August 21st: North America #1 (26 performances) ←※CHARLOTTE 1982 and others
・September 1st – 25th: North America #2 (17 performances) ←★Here★
・October 7th – December 11th: North America #3 (38 performances) ←※MONTREAL 1982
・January 16th – February 12th: South America (15 performances)
・May 29th: US Festival appearance

 This is the whole picture of “HIDE YOUR SHEEP Tour”. 1983 was their only South American tour and the legendary “US Festival” appearance, but the main tour was only in 1982. It can be broadly divided into three with a short off-season in between, and the Inglewood performance in this work was the seventh performance of “North America #2″ in the middle.
 This day has become known for its recording relatively recently, but this work is a new masterpiece that updates its highest peak. It is a newly excavated master from our own route, the same as the press masterpieces “CHARLOTTE 1982″ and “CHARLOTTE 1984 (Zodiac 597)”. In fact, the sound is clear and vivid, with a sharp performance that is clear to the heart. As a type, it is the same as “CHARLOTTE 1982″, and the performance and vocals cut through the transparent air like laser beams. Moreover, this work is full of flavor as it is the original master. The conventional master was also of the famous recording class, but the transparency of the air and the rushing force of the core are different. It is made to realize that the conventional master, which I thought was wonderful enough, was actually muffled.
 What is even more surprising is the stereo feeling. While the conventional master was mono, this work is a vivid stereo. It was probably dubbed mono at some stage, but I never thought that the original was stereo. Combined with the clarity of the sound image itself, it’s a completely different class upgrade that makes you wonder if it’s really the same recording.
 Such a sharp sound depicts a full show unique to the “HIDE YOUR SHEEP Tour”, which is different from any other tour. It’s a set that’s similar to the most recent “CHARLOTTE 1982″, so let’s organize it by comparing it.

● Diver Down (8 songs + α)
・The Full Bug/Little Guitars/Where Have All the Good Times Gone!(★)/Hang ‘Em High/Cathedral/Secrets(★)/Intruder(★)/(Oh) Pretty Woman
● Others (12 songs + α)
・Fuse of Fire: Runnin’ With the Devil/Jamie’s Cryin’/Ice Cream Man/Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love/You Really Got Me (incl. Happy Trails)
・Legendary Bomber: Dance the Night Away/Somebody Get Me a Doctor/DOA(★★)/Bottoms Up!
・Others: Romeo Delight/Unchained/Everybody Wants Some!!
*Note: The “★” mark indicates songs that have not been played since this tour. In particular, the “★★” mark indicates songs that could not be heard even in “CHARLOTTE 1982″.

…And so on. The “DIVER DOWN” number was not played much in the later reunion era, and as a result, the image of 1982 remains strong. This work allows you to enjoy plenty of limited songs unique to that time. The show structure largely follows the “CHARLOTTE 1982″ at the beginning of the tour, but “DOA” has been added and the song order has been changed. “The Full Bug” is performed at the beginning, and “Dance the Night Away” is sent at the end, completing a highly complete flow.
 The original VAN HALEN, who grew huge to symbolize rock in the 1980s. This is a live album that vacuum-packs the era when they were trying to jump up to a higher level. A new masterpiece that permanently preserves the fresh sound of the original master. Please enjoy it to the fullest.

★ Powerful audience recording of “September 10, 1982 Inglewood”. The original master was newly excavated on the same unique route as “CHARLOTTE 1982 (Zodiac 596)”, and the clear and vivid performance sound that wakes you up is clear to the heart. The conventional master was also a famous recording class, but the transparency of the air and the rushing force of the core are different, and the original stereo feeling is also vivid. With a sharp sound that has been upgraded to a different level, you can experience the full show of the precious “DIVER DOWN” number on the spot.

★ It will be released with a numbered sticker.


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