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Van Halen
Six Flags Magic Mountain Club
Valencia California
October 1, 1977

Lineage: Original “Magic Mountain 1977″ CDR -> EAC -> FLAC 8

1. On Fire 4:57
2. One More Time 4:12
3. Running With The Devil 4:05
4. Atomic Punk 3:06
5. Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love 4:37
6. Loss Of Control 3:47
7. No More Waiting 3:54
8. Eruption 2:44
9. Feel Your Love Tonight 4:06
10. Show Your Love 4:32
11. Summertime Blues 6:00
12. Angel Eyes 3:04*
13. Take Your Wiskey Home 3:55#
14. In A Simple Rhyme 3:48#

*Early VH demo from Cherokee Studios in Chatsworth, CA
#from the DEMO DAZE boot

There is another version of this recording making the rounds but does not include tracks 12-14.
Make NO mistake! This version is directly off the ORIGINAL 1999 Atomic Punks release!

With the much-deserved success of Greg Renoff’s literary and historic masterpiece VAN HALEN RISING…
I thought it would be a good time to bring some of these early shows to surface.

Track 2 Unreleased by VH, ONLY known LIVE version
Track 6 Earliest known LIVE version
Track 7 Unreleased by original line-up. Later re-worked as “Show No Mercy” and the intro is the same as “Take Me Back(Deja Vu)” from BALANCE
Track 10 Unless you’ve been living in a cave…and even then…you should know that this is “I’m The One”
Track 11 Earliest known LIVE version By VH…for whatever reason, this one is bass heavy!
Track 12 One of the earliest VH songs…circa 1974…recorded at Cherokee Studios in Chatsworth, CA
Track 13 DEMO DAZE version…but, reportedly, from a lower generation tape! This is said to feature Mark Stone on bass!
Track 14 DEMO DAZE version…but, reportedly, from a lower generation tape! This is said to feature Mark Stone on bass!

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Thank you for bringing these back – I haven’t heard them in a while.

Resident dickhead. I will hurt your delicate feelings.

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This is one of my all-time favorites.

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I thought it was determined recently the date was 8/15/77 on this show…only because this fan attended and said it was 8/15 at Magic Mountain on her photo. But… hard to say still ;-) I know 10/1 or 10/15 is usually what was listed for this bootleg.

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Unless VH played MM more than once, the correct date seems to be Monday night, Aug.1


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