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[vie google translate]

Taken from the LP “MOTHER’S DAY” (Halen Hearty II / ETS 2565A/B, 2566A/B)

The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA 13th May 1984 TRULY PERFECT SOUND

 A legendary sound source called “the best masterpiece of the 1984 era” revival. “GRAF ZEPPELIN” has digitized the famous “Kinney” legendary LP and now it is available as a permanent preservation press 2CD!
 What is infused into this work is “May 13, 1984 Inglewood performance”. This is the best audience recording. Speaking of the “1984 Tour,” it was a time when no full soundboard was left, even though it was at its historical peak. It is also a tour where the search race to find the “King of the Audience” who will act as a substitute for the sound board is especially intense. In our store, we have introduced many masterpieces that participate in such races. This is also a good opportunity, so let’s first take a look at the overview of activities at the time while also organizing the collection.

[“1984” released on January 9th]
“1984 Tour”
・January 18th – February 23rd: North America #1 (25 performances) ← *CHARLOTTE 1984 and others
・March 7th – April 6th: North America # 2 (22 performances)
April 14th – May 21st: North America #3 (23 performances) ←★Here★
June 2nd – July 16th: North America #4 (30 performances) ← *DEFINITIVE MADISON 1984
August 18th – September 7th: Europe (5 performances) ← *DEFINITIVE STOCKHOLM 1984 and others

 This is VAN HALEN in 1984. It is roughly divided into “North America #1-4″ and “Europe,” with the former being particularly important. Unlike “Europe”, which was a short set at the festival, the ultimate full set was deployed in “North America”, the main battlefield. Among them, “North America #3″ was the most competitive area with the most number of works. Let’s focus on the schedule even more.

●Details of “North America #3”
April 14th – 19th (3 performances)
*April 21st “QUEBEC CITY 1984”
April 25th – May 7th (9 performances)
*May 9th – 11th “COW PALACE 1984 (3 performances)”
*May 13th: Inglewood performance ←★This work★
・May 14th-19th (4 performances)
*May 20th “SAN DIEGO 1984 1ST NIGHT”
・May 21st: San Diego performance

… And so it goes like this. This work is also the second press edition of “North America #3”, which is one week before the press masterpiece “SAN DIEGO 1984 1ST NIGHT (Zodiac 425)”.

[Super famous recording revived from “Kinney”’s legendary LP]
 You might imagine that this work is of the highest quality because it has been permanently preserved, but it is actually more than that. This recording is one of the best recordings that has been called the “best masterpiece of the 1984 era.” Its true identity is the legendary 2-disc LP “MOTHER’S DAY” produced by the famous Kinney. did)”. This work has been precisely digitized from a mint quality disc that was treasured by core collectors in Japan. The much-talked-about master, “Omoto cassette version of the 13th,” has also been uploaded, but this is a completely different recording.The sound is also incomparable, so please be careful not to underestimate this work with that video.) .
 The sound is truly worthy of the name “masterpiece.” It’s special just because it’s a stereo recording, but it’s clear, powerful, and beautiful. All the instruments are clear, but the vocals are especially on and powerful, with no sense of spacing or distance. What’s more, there’s a great sense of fresh air without any stiffness. Thanks to that clear atmosphere, you can clearly understand Eddie’s picking nuances, and each note of the bass is solid. During the solo time, you can feel the floor of the venue shaking with the deep bass vibe.

[The masterpiece of the "1984 Tour" that is no longer comparable]
 Furthermore, the transfer accuracy is overwhelming. There are no uneven rotations and no scratch noises at all. How good was the condition of the source LP, and how precise was the digitization process? The sound speaks more eloquently than a thousand words.
 Let’s get this straight. At our store, we have introduced many English recordings of “Korezo!” as press titles, including other legs, but this work is No. 1. Well…If you want to imagine the sound of this work, it might be better to remember David Lee Roth’s press masterpiece “DEFINITIVE FRESNO 1986 (Zodiac 545)” rather than VAN HALEN. . This work is a super masterpiece that allows you to experience the “1984 Tour” with its ease of listening and beauty.

 Finally, the day has come when this work can be preserved forever. This is a super famous recording that we couldn’t press because we couldn’t find the original in a satisfactory condition. This 2CD is a true full set with the best sound, including “Cathedral,” “Jamie’s Crying,” “Girl Gone Bad,” and “Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love,” which are not available on the European “MONSTERS OF ROCK Tour.” This is the birth of an absolute masterpiece that you will love anytime and forever.

★Excellent audience recording of “May 13, 1984 Inglewood Performance”. This is one of the masterpieces digitized from the legendary Kinney LP, which was called the “best masterpiece of the 1984 era.” It’s special just because it’s a stereo recording, but it’s clear, powerful, and beautiful. With a beautiful sound worthy of being called a “masterpiece,” it is a true masterpiece that also performs “Cathedral,” “Jamie’s Crying,” “Girl Gone Bad,” and “Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love,” which are not on the European “MONSTERS OF ROCK Tour.” This is the birth of an absolute masterpiece that allows you to enjoy the full set.

————————————————– ————


(Remastered Memo)

★Directly digitized and remastered from the original 2LP record!

The quality of the disc was very good, with almost no scratches.

There are a few places where the sound is blocked by the audience in front of the microphone, but the overall sound is stereo-like, and the sounds in the bass solo and synth parts are very close and very vivid!

The most important point is that the performance is generally centered in stereo.

Definitely the top level sound of 1984 VH!

————————————————– ————

★It will be released with a numbered sticker.

Disc 1 (50:32)
01. Introduction
02. Unchained
03. Hot For Teacher
04. Drum Solo
05. On Fire
06. Running With The Devil
07. Little Guitars ★4:22 (After performance) From side A to B Cut when switching to side
08. Cathedral
09. House Of Pain
10. Bass Solo
11. Jamie’s Crying
12. I’ll Wait
13. Dave’s Dance
14. Everybody Wants Some!! ★2:37, 2:54, 3:54 cut / 5:08 Cut when switching to the second LP

Disc 2 (45:07)
01. Girl Gone Bad
02. 1984
03. Jump
04. Guitar Solo ★6:29 cut / 10:51 C Cut when switching from side to D side
05. (Oh) Pretty Woman
06. Panama
07. You Really Got Me Really
08. Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love

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I gotta get that!!!!


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I’d prefer the 2 lp…

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kaloway: I’d prefer the 2 lp…

I have the album, picked it up in the late 80s & put it on CD in the 90s but I don’t think my transfer ever made it very far into circulation for some reason


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