Van Halen – Rich Stadium, Orchard Park, NY 1988-6-19

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Van Halen
Monsters of Rock festival
Rich Stadium
Orchard Park, NY
June 19, 1988

Lineage unknown. Ripped from CD-R and remastered by }{eywood.

An incredibly hot afternoon saw many technical problems for all the bands at this show. Kingdom Come had mic problems, George Lynch repeatedly kicked his effects rack during Dokken’s set. James Hetfield’s clean guitar sound fizzled out when Metallica tried to start Fade To Black, causing the band to break into an impromptu blues jam. During Scorpions set the power went out completely for about 3 seconds. Pros that they are they never stopped and when it came back on they were still tight. And that brings us to Van Halen.

Sammy Hagar bitched at the crew a bit because his mic wouldn’t stay on. He tried several mics, but problems persisted. You see it was about 100 degrees in the stadium, and nothing worked correctly.

The interesting thing is: when I got there I was one of the first people on the floor area. Right up in front. My girlfriend was pregnant with out son, and we were right up[ on the barricade. I began to notice something. Everyone there had a Metallica shirt on. So for the first two bands we were OK up in front. I, however, had the sens to move from there after Dokken’s set, and was safe as the crowd rushed the stage and moshed as soon as Metallica’s intro music began. My assumptions were correct, and I was saved from the crushing onslaught of Metallica fans. My girlfriend was not, however, and had to be pulled over the barricade by security before she had a miscarriage. Good times.

This was my first exposure to live Van Hagar, and i wasn’t all that disappointed. Good show. I particularly liked Sammy doing Eagles Fly solo. Scorpions stole the show, though.

I recorded this entire show as well, but my tapes were pretty shitty compared to the ones I’ve found of Metallica, Scorps and VH. I wish I still had the Dokken, tho. Fuck Kingdom Come.

A.F.U. (Naturally Wired)
Summer Nights
There’s Only One Way to Rock
Bass Solo
Runnin’ With the Devil
Why Can’t This Be Love
Mine All Mine
Drum Solo
You Really Got Me
Sucker in a 3 Piece
When It’s Love
Eagles Fly
I Can’t Drive 55
Best of Both Worlds
Guitar Solo
Black and Blue
Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love
Rock and Roll

More to come. Enjoy!

I have over 900 concerts from the Buffalo/Western New York area ranging from 1967 to 2013 and am always looking for more. Anyone with any shows they think I may be interested in please PM me. Same goes for requests. Please stick to the Buffalo/Niagara Falls/Lockport/Tonawanda/Lewiston/Amherst/Williamsville/Darien area. – }{eywood

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Thanks for the head’s up on these two shows!

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Big Jon

For those that don’t do torrents, I’ve uploaded this to Dropbox.
PM me or post in this thread if you would like the link.

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Big Jon

Last call before I remove from Dropbox.


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