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November 9, 2018
3 CD SET FEATURING LIVE BROADCAST PERFORMANCES FROM VAN HALEN & DAVID LEE ROTH Among the most popular and successful rock bands of the past 40 years, Van Halen remain an inspiration to young groups, performers and musicians with ambitions to take things a little further than your average act. Initially featuring one of modern music s finest front men paired with a guitarist of legend, Halen were always a buzz-word for excess, excitement and energy. This triple CD set celebrates the DLR era of Van Halen s career, featuring as it does previously unreleased live performances from Tokyo, Japan in 1978, Dallas, Texas in 1982 and a solo gig from David Lee Roth at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood, in 1994. With all shows coming from live broadcast recordings this set features great sound throughout and will prove a delight for fans of the band everywhere.

CD 1:
1. On Fire
2. I’m The One
3. Running With The Devil
4. Atomic Punk
5. Little Dreamer
6. You’re No Good
7. Feel Your Love Tonight
8. Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love
9. Ice Cream Man
10. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
11. Eruption
12. D.O.A
13. You Really Got Me
14. Bottom’s Up

CD 2:
1. Romeo Delight
2. Unchained
3. The Full Bug
4. Runnin’ With The Devil
5. Jamie’s Cryin’
6. Little Guitars
7. Where Have All The Good Times Gone
8. Hang ‘Em High
9. Cathedral
10. Secrets
11. Everybody Wants Some
12. Dance The Night Away
13. Somebody Get Me A Doctor/I’m So Glad
14. Intruder/Oh Pretty Woman
15. Guitar Solo
16. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
17. Bottoms Up
18. You Really Got Me/Happy Trails

CD 3:
1. Intro
2. Big Train
3. Panama
4. Experience
5. She`s My Machine
6. A Little Luck
7. Your Filthy Little Mouth
8. Band Introductions
9. Just A Gigolo
10. Beautiful Girls
11. Hey, You Never Know
12. Night Life
13. Just Like Paradise
14. Land`s Edge
15. Ain`t Talkin` `Bout Love
16. California Girls
17. Ice Cream Man Intro
18. Ice Cream Man
19. Jump

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King Edward

Um…………..1994 Roth solo stuff is definitely a very low point in his solo career. Don’t like that disc 3 is under the VH umbrella.

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Wow, more stuff no one has ever heard before ! :mrgreen:

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?


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