VH 2012-03-05 Philly (mjk2112)

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Van Halen:
Wells Fargo Center
Philadelphia, Pa

Taper: mjk2112

Lineage: Edirol 2 channel stereo 41khz/24bit-> mic gain low -> low cut off -> limiter/agc off -> RAW FILE-> CDWav split tracks -> DbPoweramp to convert to FLAC level 8 -> Traders Little Helper to create the md5 -> dime…


Runnin’ With The Devil
She’s The Woman
The Full Bug
Everybody Wants Some!!
Somebody Get Me A Doctor
China Town
Hear About It Later
(Oh!) Pretty Woman
AVH Solo
You Really Got Me
The Trouble With Never
Dance The Night Away
I’ll Wait
Hot For Teacher
Women In Love
Girl Gone Bad
Beautiful Girls
These Are My Dogs
Ice Cream Man
EVH Solo
Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love

Recorded from section 114 row 9 seat 4
Edirol by Roland
2 channels
sample rate 44.1

9e8f9567893a345c2e2bd8116c607f65 *01 Unchained.flac
9649ed16a2f06f6477fa38b8ed3308ff *02 Runnin’ With The Devil.flac
7c89f8bf6590605d1d314099a0fc4e4f *03 She’s The Women.flac
49c56963e41998c7fea9894b835cab7a *04 The Full Bug.flac
d3cf24777a08f2fee3d52b3612c827a3 *05 Tattoo.flac
e35cfb0cd2671b7049ba839290accf35 *06 Everybody Wants Some!!.flac
3af5f5dd9fd760fe7104e7fbce682b81 *07 Somebody Get Me A Doctor.flac
8f601c1b937589b4aabe0dca05354e40 *08 China Town.flac
19beba02990ca92a3003660bce3ce3fe *09 Hear About It Later.flac
45247af1c998592e40a2376a3827a9f4 *10 (Oh!) Pretty Women.flac
7198e2814d241de7ff4b52f2ad36f0ad *11 AVH Solo.flac
015ec570e6c1cd768ac84874b6d8e8da *12 You Really Got Me.flac
d62a325d3f6e62e91cc5f88437c74b79 *13 The Trouble With Never.flac
35287e9df2558eafe1cc4958f84d9841 *14 Dance The Night Away.flac
e8e0aaceace7c9ad8cddd80d32273440 *15 I’ll Wait.flac
09a791693f34116c2a6d6895c03ec418 *16 Hot For Teacher.flac
15804c88e5da9e39403a0803d8b47062 *17 Women In Love.flac
4d14d99a0bb9509df2946e2ba7fa0562 *18 Girl Gone Bad.flac
4ef76ec80ddafc3280a4c41a44764416 *19 Beautiful Girls.flac
c3e3971458cc80332a7ec4cbe7f48451 *20 These Are My Dogs.flac
7cb10b93cf4c5bebb7317e3d71ad97cb *21 Ice Cream Man.flac
94b5b3cb775bb3021b22efe2be522584 *22 Panama.flac
32cca0ab70607136292237a5c330cfce *23 EVH Solo.flac
2dedca8cd3e3d448674c05a661ca7c79 *24 Aint Talkin’ Bout Love.flac
7a357934da312e39ed3821e13903f568 *25 Jump.flac

No errors occured.

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I missed this one, thanks!


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