VH 1976-05-29 Pasadena, CA

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Van Halen
Conference Building
Pasadena Convention Center
May 29th, 1976
Bootleg title: “Civic Disobedience”

Lineage of show: SB >1st gen cass>Kenwood KX-77CW tape deck>Creative Labs Audigy 2 24bit>WAV>Adobe Audition>WAV>FLAC Frontend>FLAC(level 6)
Quality of show: A+
Transferred by Wooda
File Size: 371 MB, FLAC
Total Time: 60:42

1. On Fire 3:40
2. Somebody Get Me A Doctor 4:40
3. Babe Don’t Leave Me Alone 3:54
4. Show Your Love 4:53
5. Runnin’ With The Devil 3:56
6. Let Me Swim 6:34
7. Let’s Get Rockin’ 3:01
8. Eyes Of The Night 4:46
9. Simple Rhyme 5:11
10. La Grange 5:54
11. Honolulu Baby 2:43
12. Eruption 2:50
13. House Of Pain 3:20
14. I Live With Fools 5:20

Notes from Wooda:
QUALITY: What can I say about this show except that it smokes all other versions you will find.
Unlike “The Eyes Of Night”, this show is complete and not spliced together from other club days shows, and the sound is amazing.
The other little problem is that the date and location have been reported wrong for years.
The show was played on Saturday May 29th, 1976 and not Sunday May 30th, 1976 which has is the incorrectly circulated date.

NOTES: They play an extremely energetic set, and even hint about hearing the day we would all hear their songs on the radio.

This is a must have show.

Transferred, edited and brought to you by Wooda and LIVE1 Productions

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Wooda….now theres a name I haven’t seen in a while

Why settle for a can? When you can drink straight from the bottle….
By the Bottle….
BTB Productions


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