VH 1978-05-10 Paris, France

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Up on dime


I got this show back in 2006. Not sure if it was a trade or digitally but there was no md5 so i don’t think i got it from Dime. Sorry, didn’t keep good records back then. All thanks goto PM for taping and finkployd49 for sharing it. Anyhow, the sound of this show is pretty decent. I’d rate it somewhere in the A category, the original info lists it as EX. As always, i’ve included a few samples so you can judge for yourself. I checked and couldn’t find it on Dime so i wanted to share it with you guys. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable listen. Enough rambling. So, without further ado, i present…

Theatre Mogador
Paris, France
May 10th 1978

EX quality audience MASTER, not from boot LP or CD.

Lineage : JVC stereo mic -> JVC KD2 cassette recorder
-> master TDK AD tape -> Nakamichi Dragon dolby off
-> Sony MDS JE-520 MD recorder -> Pioneer PDR 609 stand alone CD burner
-> EAC -> FLAC level 8 align on sector boundaries.

Set list (please check it, I am not a VH specialist !)

01-On Fire
02-I’m the One
03-Runnin’ With The Devil
04-Feel Your Love Tonight
05-Atomic Punk
06-Little Dreamer
07-Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
08-Voodoo Queen
09-Ice Cream Man
10-Guitar solo
11-You Really Got Me
12-D.O.A (fades in)
13-Summertime Blues
14-Bottoms Up!

Total Time – 00:59:37

Taped by PM
Seeded by finkployd49

Enjoy the music, dont’sell it on e-bay.

No artwork, feel free to make one !

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cover art anyone?
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