VH 1979-06-15 – Amsterdam, Holland

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Van Halen
Jaap Edenhall
Amsterdam, Holland
June 15, 1979


Quality: B

Light Up The Sky
Somebody Get Me A Doctor
Drum Solo
Runnin’ With The Devil
Dance The Night Away
Beautiful Girls
On Fire
Bass Solo
You’re No Good
Jamie’s Cryin’
Feel Your Love Tonight
Outta Love Again
Ice Cream Man
Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
Guitar Solo
You Really Got Me
Bottoms Up!
Atomic Punk

Notes: The Van Halen bros playing in their native country…but not much mentioned about this during the gig, although Ed yells something in Dutch after the first number. Any translation? Anyway, enjoy!

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Big Jon

For those that don’t do torrents, I’ve uploaded this to Dropbox.
PM me or post in this thread if you would like the link.

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nice one. thx!

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Big Jon

Last call before I remove from Dropbox.


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