VH 1984-08-25 – Stockholm, Sweden

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Van Halen
Monsters of Rock
Stockholm, Sweden
August 25, 1984


Quality: B+/++

Roth pre-gig press conference at the Alexandra Club 8/24/84
Hot for Teacher/Drum Solo
On Fire
Runnin’ With the Devil
Little Guitars
House of Pain
Bass Solo
I’ll Wait
Everybody Wants Some!!
Pretty Woman
Guitar Solo
You Really Got Me

Notes: Another Monsters of Rock gig from 1984 here. This is the rarer second source of the show. While the quality is very good here, the first source – which has been put on LP and cd – is better. So this might be more for completists. I also stuck on a press conference with Roth and the Swedish media the day before the gig. It runs about 30 minutes and is a fun and somewhat informative listen.


I have the other source which is better than this one according to the comments, if someone wants it, I can upload it on Dropbox.

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Big Jon

For those that don’t do torrents, I’ve uploaded Markum’s second source to Dropbox.
PM me or post in this thread if you would like the link.

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Big Jon

Last call before I remove from Dropbox.


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