VH 1993-04-21 Paris, France

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This transfer was done by luciferburns.

Tracking and edits were done by myself.

Transfer info: cassette > SONY TC-WE635 Cassette Deck (w/ manual azimuth adjustment) > TASCAM CD-RW900mkII Professional CD Recorder > CDR > EAC > CD WAV Editor (track marking) > Trader’s Little Helper > FLAC

Artist: Van Halen
Source: Le Zénith, Paris, France. April 21st 1993
Time: Disc 1: 52:44
Disc 2: 60:23
Notes: 2nd gen.

Disc 1:
1. Poundcake (6:03)
2. Judgement Day (5:01)
3. Runaround (5:21)
4. When It’s Love (5:34)
5. There’s Only One Way To Rock (6:19)
6. Bass Solo (4:01)
7. Pleasure Dome (1:41)
8. Drum Solo (8:42)
9. Panama (4:19)
10. Right Now (5:44)

Disc 2:
1. Why Can’t This Be Love (5:27)
2. Finish What Ya Started (6:41)
3. Eagles Fly (3:16)
4. Guitar Solo (12:58)
5. Unchained (3:28)
6. Best Of Both Worlds (4:34)
7. Top Of The World (4:02)
8. Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love (9:05)
9. Jump (4:13)
10. You Really Got Me (6:40)

Shared on dime by tonsofsobs March 2018.

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** Contrast clause: This is a different capture from the recording of the same show recently posted by tonsofsobs at http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=616376 ***

Thanks to tonsofsobs for the recent Hagar era VH shows! Paris 1993 is one of my favorite shows from that tour. The Zenith is a great venue, I saw VH there in 1995 (one of their few Balance tour Euro headline shows). This recording here has no know lineage (it sounds very low gen to me though), but to my ears it sounds excellent. It’s not as hot as the recording shared by tonsofsobs and has less crowd noise.

Hagar’s voice was shot at this show, so they skipped “5150″ the song. Anyone who thinks they phoned in “Unchained” in 1993 should listen to this show. The vocals are very raspy, but everyone in the band is giving it their 100%.

I’d love to see more shows from the 1993 European tour. I can seed Munich, the first show of the tour, if there’s interest, but I have nothing more. I remember this was a great tour though with some great recordings. The show from Rotterdam Ahoy was released on an incomplete silver boot. Zurich and Stuttgart I think were both taped to DAT and sounded awesome, Stuttgart also had “I Can’t Drive 55″. Copenhagen sounded good too I think. I think I remember having a not so good sounding tape of Birmingham where Hagar played “Amnesty Is Granted”, and there was a tape of the Wembley show with the Little Angels on the “All Right Now” encore. That’s what I remember, but I lost all those tapes.

I don’t know where I got this show, so it might be a repost of a fileset previously on dime.

—Original info file: —

Van Halen
1993-04-21 – Paris, FR
Source: Audience
Quality: A
CDR (from snail mail trade, don’t know the gen) => WAV (musicmatch) => FLAC (FLACfrontend)

Set List

01 – Poundcake
02 – Judgement Day
03 – Runaround
04 – When It’s Love
05 – Guitar Duel
06 – One Way To Rock
07 – Bass Solo
08 – Pleasure Dome
09 – Drum Solo
10 – Panama
11 – Right Now
12 – Why Can’t This Be Love
13 – Finish What Ya Started
14 – Eagles Fly
15 – Guitar Solo
16 – Unchained
17 – Best Of Both Worlds
18 – Top Of The World
19 – Ain’t Talkin”Bout Love
20 – Jump
21 – You Really Got Me

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When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?

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I can seed Munich, the first show of the tour, if there’s interest, but I have nothing more.

I’m definitely interested in the Munich show and any other Sammy era recordings for that matter.

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Regarding the Munich show from 1993-03-30, this is what I have. If anybody is interested PM me for a mega link:

Thanks to boeditaper.
Van Halen – Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany 1993-03-30
Source: Audience Recording(Sony Tc-D5M Cassette Deck>Sennheiser KD 2002 Mics)>1st Generation Cassette>
Sony TC-D5M cassette Deck(playback)>Edirol R-09 HR(24/44.1 KHZ)>CD Wav Editor>Traders Little Helper>
Flac Level 8.Sector Boundaries Aligned Using Traders Little Helper.


Judgement Day
Round And round
When Its Love
There’s Only One Way To Rock
Michael Anthony Bass Solo>
Alex Van Halen Drum Solo
Right Now
Why Can’t This Be love
Finish What You Started
When Eagles Fly
Eddie Van Halen Guitar Solo>
Best Of Both Worlds
Ain’t Talkin Bout Love
Standing On Top
Won’t Get Fooled Again


1)Quality Is About A Or A-(Subjective Of Course).Samples Included.
2)I Received This Show Several Years Ago Doing A cassette Trade.
3) Tape Flip After Drum Solo (Just A Second Or Two Missing From The Start Of “Panama”)
4)Tape Flip At The End Of “5150″(No music Missed On Next Song “Best of Both Worlds”)

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jorge: Regarding the Munich show from 1993-03-30, this is what I have.

How does it compare to the “Won’t Get Fooled Again” discs?

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Ron, I haven’t listened to neither WGFA nor to boeditaper’s version in years to be honest. I’ll have to check them again tonight. :-D

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I have a 1st gen.cassette of this show.

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?


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