VH 2015-07-28 Burgettstown, PA (partial)

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Van Halen
July 28, 2015
Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, USA (closest major city: Pittsburgh)
First Niagara Pavilion

Equipment: Roland R-05 (built-in mics)
Recording Settings
Built-In Mic: 2 channel (stereo)
Mic Gain – OFF
Limiter – ON
Low Cut – OFF
Input Level Setting – 44
Sample Rate: 44.1 KHz
Sample Size: 16 bit
Bit Rate: 1.411 kbps

Lineage: WAV> CoolEditPro(track split)> WAV> TLH> FLAC(6)

Location: Section 6, Row AA, Seat 17

Light Up The Sky
Runnin’ With The Devil
Romeo Delight
Everybody Wants Some
Drop Dead Legs (cut)
Beautiful Girls
Women In Love
Hot For Teacher
In A Simple Rhyme
Dirty Movies
Dave’s Story Time
Ice Cream Man
Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
Guitar Solo
You Really Got Me
Panama (cut)

Time: 1hr 20min 26sec

Notes: Due to an unknown recorder problem, (no idea what went wrong), the end of “Drop Dead Legs” is cut off, and several subsequent songs were missed. The recording picks back up at the end of “Dance The Night Away”.

“Beautiful Girls” onward is complete until during “Panama” when the taper chose not to stick around to see Dave twirl a pole and left to beat the mass exodus.

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Dropbox link ? :-D

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?

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Will gladly dropbox it when I get home next weekend. Maybe someone else is quicker? :lol:

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Big Jon

mrmojohalen: Dropbox link ? :-D

PM Sent.

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Thanks again. :-D

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?


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