VH 2015-09-06 Bethel, NY

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Artist: Van Halen
Date: 2015.09.06
Location: Bethel, NY
Venue: Bethel Woods Center For The Arts
Source: Aud
NorthEast leg of the tour wrap up

Lineage: CA-14 cardioid mics -> CA-9100 pre-amp -> 6″ custom GAKables mini star quad cable -> Sony PCMM10 (Line In)

Transfer: Sandisk 16GB Class 4 micro mobile ultra, 24bit 96kHz -> HDD

Audio Software: iZotope RX 3 Advanced (64 bit SRC, MBIT+ dither) -> CDWAV (tracking) -> TLH -> Flac level 8

Recorded and transferred by Drgiggles1

Recording location dead center Section 12, Seat 35

01 Light Up the Sky
02 Runnin’ With the Devil
03 Romeo Delight
04 Everybody Wants Some
05 Drop Dead Legs
06 Feel Your Love Tonight
07 Somebody Get Me a Doctor
08 She’s the Woman
09 Chinatown
10 I’ll Wait
11 “drum solo”
12 Little Guitars
13 Dance the Night Away
14 Beautiful Girls
15 Women in Love
16 Hot for Teacher
17 In a Simple Rhyme
18 Growth
19 Dirty Movies
20 Ice Cream Man
21 Unchained
22 Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
23 “guitar solo” (Eddie had effects problems – guitar tech had to come out and fix while Eddie talked to audience)
24 You Really Got Me
25 Panama
26 “encore break”
27 Jump

Total time: 110:24.33


aecff50b596b528f2c247ef30b689096 [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t01.flac
7610f16df8dfb831e333b06f343e2937 [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t02.flac
f623d6d2be363261a5a7ab1469f10107 [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t03.flac
ebe8aeac13045a5e029ce67fc767a558 [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t04.flac
c3b6908e7d3d46bd6ab507838318242a [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t05.flac
51cde83cfc63abbf353eef324417c091 [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t06.flac
55bcfa27a4d77523af42dd5c8ba422cc [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t07.flac
492549dc396bc7cb7dcc86f40bc5b87f [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t08.flac
430a371313bec50dce41a87dcec8b2a3 [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t09.flac
9bb9d808af1568c07101b6b784804ef8 [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t10.flac
509aff415837a7a81f0654c4392f7580 [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t11.flac
9a3ebf32ddef50ee686ecac919c0d515 [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t12.flac
d95a4efddec57888defd093d13651bb4 [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t13.flac
a411827bfff7a6eb5f4da0a8ecd787be [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t14.flac
77e1168261e0f61e17e62232befd7dad [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t15.flac
d04af52c64afb105d1549be2e9361f1e [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t16.flac
732f0f06a33eca0c5c7c25e42d2015b8 [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t17.flac
2eddfdd62c08d3dbd3a27e8117c0ee14 [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t18.flac
7562a83ab30fa9578dccb090646353fc [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t19.flac
0f07a70503237a5a77a0764b9cd9a1f1 [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t20.flac
278ed12c3bb24133e8a869e12a991fdc [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t21.flac
44839927a0baf720ceae15c41545b8f5 [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t22.flac
96a60b9c83e3385eb5dcbe434f75bcff [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t23.flac
70f7f9d3add9936b98fe04f29c7f0fbf [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t24.flac
08cc713e493114410b9d837ecc63111e [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t25.flac
2e633c64c609adf717e047ff93ffdd27 [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t26.flac
b208c5427fcf67651b65344125921468 [shntool] 2015.09.06.vh.t27.flac

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Thanks for the head’s up!

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King Edward

on it…..Thanks!

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Different source:

Van Halen
Bethel Woods Center For The Arts
Bethel, NY
September 6, 2015

Recorded by bcironmaiden
Recorded w/ SP-CMC-8 Sound Professionals Deluxe Audio Technica Cardioid Stereo Microphones >
SP-SPSB-1 Sound Professionals Mini Battery Module > Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder HD > Sony Sound Forge 96khz/24bit > 44khz/16bit > CD Wave Editor Track Split >
TLH ( Flac 8 ) > You

No Bullshit , All business … very little talk , just a band on stage Rockin’ !!
Pay NO mind to what you have seen on TV or wherever pre-tour , Van Halen is tearing it up . Not sure if the Van Halens sat Dave down and told him to get serious or get
out , or what may have transpired , but I’m telling you , this is the second VH show of the tour I’ve seen and thaey were GREAT . Now don’t get me wrong , Daves voice
is what it is , but his timing is on and he’s not trying to get the high notes …. as often .
The rest of the band is SPOT ON !!!!! They are playing with high energy and they really look like they are having fun this time around . Aside from a bit of technical
problems during Ediie’s solo , the show is as good as it gets !!!!

Setlist : 109:27.01
01. Light Up The Sky

02. Runnin’ With The Devil

03. Romeo Delight

04. Everybody Wants Some !!

05. Drop Dead Legs

06. Feel Your Love Tonight

07. Somebody Get Me A Doctor

08. She’s The Woman

09. Chinatown

10. I’ll Wait

11. Alex Drum Solo

12. Little Guitars

13. Dance The Night Away

14. Beautiful Girls

15. Women In Love

16. Hot For Teacher

17. In A Simple Rhyme

18. Growth

19. Dirty Movies

20. Ice Cream Man

21. Unchained

22. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love

23. Eddie Guitar Solo

24. You Really Got Me

25. Panama

26. Jump

Van Halen :
David Lee Roth – Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Harmonica
Eddie Van Halen – Guitar
Alex Van Halen – Drums
Wolfgang Van Halen – Bass

Enjoy !!!!!!!!

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