Want to See What Sammy Hagar and His Crew Got For Their Band Hospitality Room?

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Want to See What Sammy Hagar and His Crew Got For Their Band Hospitality Room at the Taste of Joliet?
The Red Rocker doesn’t go for that fat-free yogurt, apparently.
By Joseph Hosey (Patch Staff)
February 20, 2015 at 1:21pm

Ever wonder what a rock star gets to eat and drink when he’s playing in Joliet?

Well, if that rock star is Sammy Hagar, he gets his own personal brands of tequila and rum, both red and white wines, cough drops, pretzels, cold cuts, beer and much, much more. But none of that fat-free yogurt if it’s all the same to you.

Patch obtained the rider for Sammy Hagar’s performance last summer at the Taste of Joliet. The Red Rocker required a lot of food and drink–and that was just for before the show. Afterward, he got a “freshly prepared, hot dinner for 10 to 12 persons. This dinner will consist of ‘light’ Meat Dishes, i.e. Chicken, Seafood, or Turkey. No Shellfish! (Unless requested).”

You can check out the entire rider below.


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I love reading the riders!

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Yeah I do too. I have a pretty good size collection of them….I think my favorites have been one that Iggy Pop used many years ago and one that the Foo Fighters did several years ago that came with a coloring book. Hysterical.

I have the complete riders for Van Halen years
1983 (minor part of the US Festival)
1993 (Europe)
Would like to find the one for the Sammy years VH Mach 2 and from the last 2 tours with Roth.


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Vince G.

“All plates should be china.”



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