Van Halen 2004-11-09 Montreal, Quebec, Canada FLAC/AUD

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*Posted by ga5150 on *

Had some careless errors in the first try at this upload. Here’s the corrected version.

Posting this by request.

Van Halen 11/9/04
Montreal PQ Bell Center
Montreal, QC
I know very little about this recording. It was provided to me by Kevin, KS34VH,
from over at VHTrading.
Many thanx to Kevin, as he was kind enough to send me HIS discs that he received
from the person he traded with.
A special thanx to whomever the kind soul was that recorded this show!!!

Unknown master format>CDR(x?)>WAV>FLAC
Extracted to WAV with EAC, converted to FLAC with FLAC Frontend.

disc one
01 Intro
02 Jump
03 Runaround
04 Humans Being
05 Up For Breakfast
06 Bass Solo
07 Somebody Get Me A Doctor
08 Poundcake
09 It’s About Time
10 Drum Solo
11 Top Of The World
12 Unchained
13 Why Can’t This Be Love
14 Eagles Fly
15 I Can’t Drive 55

disc two
01 The Seventh Seal
02 Best Of Both Worlds
03 Guitar Solo
04 Dreams
05 Ain’t Talkin”Bout Love
06 Right Now
07 You Really Got Me
08 Panama
09 When It’s Love

disc one fingerprint
01 Intro.flac:ac92dc4fbf1615b142155df02dab73b2
02 Jump.flac:34ba9d24837cea443345f9ccab4a3f21
03 Runaround.flac:49fca97ea5effe2e2fb46714f9870e48
04 Human’s Being.flac:341d05e865a8243c20a97a0640cb872e
05 Up For Breakfast.flac:9fd49f3e15c4fdfa583f11600e6c2e5f
06 Bass Solo.flac:a3cbc6ef5d3b4134bf21df1fb01dc20e
07 Somebody Get Me A Doctor.flac:b1fb9fa2e9abf4d14f3e310c89b99a35
08 Poundcake.flac:35107f1762514487919d1f81744b602f
09 It’s About Time.flac:51c806f041b65fde5f277b7f1622caf0
10 Drum Solo.flac:821adee07122b5f2a6e9933f5ee54818
11 Top Of The World.flac:4c8723a7b2cc42173556c7da99d570f7
12 Unchained.flac:ca542c7b8b140f73bb4ac210825348f7
13 Why Can’t This Be Love.flac:33346190c0b0696df2b396782c890cb5
14 Eagles Fly.flac:5332776ee46f62c2977b66252dc764eb
15 I Can’t Drive 55.flac:ace197d517d9194d04a4f90b5df6b49c

disc two fingerprint
01 The Seventh Seal.flac:4bec0eeb2b329732582bd90a2d6dcb80
02 Best Of Both Worlds.flac:8969264d7e8344d4d1430c2df1efa3df
03 Guitar Solo.flac:fa7afc54ca85112f333be0ddfd020325
04 Dreams.flac:0083166ef8001b1e31eab098042f602c
05 Ain’t Talkin”Bout Love.flac:9b376643d3c1d6148c4f64c7d756963f
06 Right Now.flac:c9cf4ca48cb5753ca23128e829b2e05c
07 You Really Got Me.flac:81077fa389f5ba20d09d921ac1604df2
08 Panama.flac:56f5755aeead4aebdf48ce069b81cf5d
09 When It’s Love.flac:0c9bcb9f630b62d3ae33b9048a3902bd​

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?

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A big big thank you for this one,i was there and i loved it even if Ed was not at his best because it was live and loud and it was Van-halen.I truly appreciate this one.


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