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Live At The Selland Arena, Fresno, CA May 14/15 1992 (Remastered) ron142885 2 days
Zero Demos – color vinyl ron4681 16 days
Joe Perry Project 2022-07-23 Atlantic City, NJ (toshi Master) w/ Gary Cherone ! mrmojohalen1104 18 days
Van Halen 1984-07-03 Madison, WI FLAC/AUD (KO Master) (24Bit/48Khz) RAW Transfer mrmojohalen1172 35 days
Van Halen 1979-10-02 Tucson, AZ FLAC/SBD/Vinyl Rip (nakedeye remaster) voodoo2185 44 days
Van Halen Classics Live ron5294 45 days
Sammy Hagar & The Circle 2022-06-13 Mansfield, MA FLAC/AUD (Farve4 Master) mrmojohalen3194 46 days
Sammy Hagar & The Circle 2022-06-15 Noblesville, IN FLAC/AUD (ironchef Master) mrmojohalen1147 58 days
"Hide Your Sheep Tour" LPs ron1246 67 days
One Way To Rock: Sammy Hagar Tribute 2022-04-09 Harrison, OH FLAC/AUD (live2cd) mrmojohalen1347 122 days
Mammoth WVH 2022-03-21 Fort Wayne, IN FLAC/AUD (live2cd Master) mrmojohalen1179 128 days
Mammoth WVH 2022-03-18 Columbus, OH FLAC/AUD (live2cd Master) mrmojohalen1202 143 days
Looking for a few WDFA FLACs jorge2255 145 days
Van Halen 2004-08-10 San Jose, CA FLAC/AUD (Jeftak Master) voodoo3381 157 days
Mammoth WVH 2021-9-18 Milwaukee, WI FLAC/AUD (THalen Master) mrmojohalen1228 173 days

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