DLR 1986-09-19 Chicago, IL

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I got this back in 2009 or i at least archived it back then. I checked and didn’t see this up on the tracker, live or dead so i wanted to share it here. Possibly a re-seed but i can’t say for sure. As for the show itself, sounds a little fast to me, Dave has a chipmunk-like quality to his voice, maybe someone else can verify and fix this, if it’s true? As always, i’ve included a few samples for you to decide. Not sure who the original taper was but all thanks go to him/her. I wanted to upload Iron Maiden 11-15-86 but it turned out to be lossy so this was on the same archive disc and figured it would be a welcome upload. So, without further ado, i present…
Cassette > SoundBlaster Live > Soundforge (record/fades) > CDWAVE (track split) > TLH (flac/fpp)
David Lee Roth – Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, IL 1986-Sept-19
Disc 1
01 Radio ad
02 Shy Boy
03 Tobacco Road
04 Unchained
05 Panama
06 Drum solo
07 Pretty Woman
08 Elephant Gun
09 Ladies Night In Buffalo
10 Everybody Wants Some
11 On Fire
12 Bump & Grind
13 Ice Cream Man
Disc 2
01 Big Trouble
02 Yankee Rose
03 Guitar/bass solo
04 instrumental
05 A’int Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
06 Goin’ Crazy
07 Jump
08 California Girls


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