DLR 1987-01-31 Saginaw, MI

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Wendler Arena, Saginaw, MI, USA

This is a fresh transfer from an audience cassette recording.
Unknown lineage. I recieved these cassettes in a trade in the 80′s.

Great show from the Eat ‘em and smile tour. Dave and the band kicks ass (as always).

Info file, ffp, and Md5 signature file are included. Sample is attached in the comment field.
I don’t know if this source in any way (master, different gen, better/worse quality) have been shared here before. (this is my version/transfer).

If you seed the torrent and leave a comment it will inspire me to transfer and upload more of my old cassettes,
(before they disintegrate one day!). Thanks.
Lillispeo 2018.

Transfer Info:
SONY HF 60 Cassettes > Technics RS-B505 Cassette Deck > MAGIX Cleaning Lab > WAV > TLH > FLAC > Dime

Track Listing:
01. Shyboy
02. Tobacco Road
03. Unchained
04. Panama
05. Drum Solo
06. (Oh) Pretty Woman
07. Elephant Gun
08. Ladies Night in Buffalo
09. Everybody Wants Some!
10. On Fire
11. Bump and Grind
12. Intro to Ice Cream Man
13. Ice Cream Man
14. Big Trouble
15. Yankee Rose
16. Instrumental
17. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
18. Goin’ Crazy
19. Jump
20. California Girls


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