Mammoth WVH 2021-09-23 Columbus, OH FLAC/AUD (live2cd Master)

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September 25, 2021 at 10:10 pm Quote #64705


*Recorded and posted by live2cd *

Mammoth WVH
September 23rd, 2021.
Schottenstein Center – Columbus, OH.

Taper: Charles Dewey Cole, IV
Location: Section 222, Row D – Seat 5
(see chart here: Seating Chart. Official Ticketmaster site)
Source: AT853U Cardioids (4.7k mod) > SP-SPSB-11 (@69Hz) > Sony PCM-A10 (24 bit @48kHz) >
Adobe Audition 3.0 (dithered to 16 bit @44.1kHz) > Cd Wave > FLAC
Conversion: Charles Dewey Cole, IV
Equipment: Sony PCM-A10 > (USB) @ 48kHz > 44.1kHz > Cd Wave

Total Time: (33:07)

01. Don’t Back Down 4:46
02. Mammoth 4:50
03. Mr. Ed 4:16
04. Think It Over 4:01
05. You’re To Blame 4:37
06. Distance 4:17
07. Epiphany 6:21


I had to pick the one row in the entire section that filled up shortly after
“Don’t Back Down”. Because of this, I had my phone in my lap, my sweatshirt I
had worn in, my recorder, a ton of wires and not to mention the gentlemen to
my left and right were of large stature. I also had my wallet, keys and SP power
supply box in my pockets. It wasnt ideal. Oh, and no one wanted to stand. So,
when I got home and loaded the waveform, I realized there were spikes all over
the place. When listening back they were loud crackles. They appeared to happen
whenever I moved or repositioned myself, which I did a lot of being squished.
There is also a faint distortion at times (which could have been my phone being
directly under my A10) while recording. Im not really sure on that one as this
has never happened before, but this was the only show Ive ever done that. I
took some pictures, put the phone in the cup holder and held it close to the
A10 for other parts of the set. Next time, Im switching seats (there were a ton
of empties) and Im keeping my phone the hell away from the A10 (or I will
airplane mode it). Seriously, out of my entire section, my row was the only
one filled in all the way for Mammoth. What were the odds? I made sure to move
for GNR. I ran this through iZotope RX 7 Audio Editor and removed the crackling
the best I could. You will still hear some ruffling and some light (what sounds
like broadcast noise) over some songs. Its not bad, but its noticeable. The
beginning of “Distance” is probably the worst. This description is almost longer
than the actual set as MWVH were only given 33 minutes – I was really hoping for
45. Nonetheless, great performance but the MWVH headliners were way better.

Opening for Guns N’ Roses [recorded].

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?


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