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June 19, 2012 at 1:59 pm Quote #15921


I love The Wall and I love Roger Waters but I couldn’t bring myself to going to this tour. As much as I like The Wall, I was hoping Roger would perform more than just The Wall. There is so much other great material. I maybe in the minority but I would have loved it if he threw in other songs mixed in with the Wall songs. I think the KAOS tour was awesome, he basically toured that entire album but put different songs throughout the show. He started with KAOS and finished with KAOS but has many different songs intermixed. I understand The Wall is a complete story and has much more material, complete as it is but I think Roger could have done something more than just replicate the album live. Just my opinion.

As far as the Roger vs Gilmour debate, I love both. Pink was awesome with Roger, Pink was awesome without Roger. Roger’s solo was awesome, Dave’s solo was awesome. It is just me but I loved it all.


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