Sammy Hagar – 1984-10-12 – Detroit, Michigan

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Sammy Hagar – 1984-10-12 – Detroit, Michigan
Description Sammy Hagar
Cobo Hall
October 12,1984
Source: 98.7 WLLZ FM “Detroit’s Wheels”

Lineage: Cassette Tape acquired in 1987 > Onkyo TA-2055 Tape Deck > Pioneer PDR-509 CD Recorder > CDRW WAV to Computer > Magix Audio Lab for Track splitting and trimming > Traders Little Helper FLAC Level 8 > Shared on Dime 2014-10-17

Notes: The correct date of the concert was October 12, 1984. Other posted have it listed as 10-13-84. This version includes Trans AM and is completely un-edited, so you get to hear all Sammy’s 4 letter words. This was leaked from the radio station vault and I was lucky to get a cassette copy. Opening act was Krokus.


Sammy Hagar: Vocals,Guitar
Gary Phil: Guitar
Bill Church: Bass
Jesse Harms: Keyboards
David Lauser: Drums

Disc 1:

01. WLLZ’s Doug Podell Intro
02. Trans Am
03. This Planet’s On Fire
04. Dick In The Dirt
05. I Don’t Need Love
06. Three Lock Box
07. Baby’s On Fire
08. Two Sides Of Love
09. I Can’t Drive 55
10. Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy
11. I’ll Fall In Love Again
12. (Sammy’s World Series Update)
13. Swept Away
14. Remember The Heroes

Disc 2:

01. The Girl Gets Around
02. Fast Times At Ridgemont High
03. Heavy Metal
04. Star Spangled Banner – VOA
05. One Way To Rock
06. (Sammy Takes Request)
07. Rock Is In My Blood
08. Red (Drum Solo)/Rock N Roll
09. Bad Motor Scooter
10. Space Station #5
11. Closing Credit


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