Taylor Hawkins Tribute 2022-09-27 Inglewood, CA FLAC/AUD (loughney Master)

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*Recorded by loughney and posted by lachtna on http://www.thetradersden.org *

Taylor Hawkins Tribute – 2022 09 27 @ Kia Forum, Inglewood, CA

Show note:
Taylor Hawkins’ Tribute Concert. A couple of notes on this. Originally, tried to get tickets through artist presale, spent 4 hours and nothing. Tried 1st day of ticket sales, spent 3.5 hours, nothing. Looked for tickets afterwards, but no luck. A friend told me last month that some behind stage tickets were going to be released at 10 AM, got on line and got section 215 (somewhat back corner). I still looked for Ticket Master official resale tickets, but couldn’t get anything better. However, somehow, the seats were good to get a good audio capture, and were the cheapest ticket bracket, so .. maybe it worked. We also got to see a bit of what was happening backstage. Anyhow, a long and very emotional night for Taylor’s family, friends, the bands and the audience.

1: Violet Grohl Set note:
Violet Grohl, Dave’s daughter opened the show with a beautiful version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, a brave choice.

1 intro
2 Hallelujah [Leonard Cohen] (with Alain Johannes on guitar)

2: Joan Jett Set note:
Next up was Joan Jett. Dave gave an intro for the night. Joan talked about Taylor, and choked up saying that she wasn’t going get through this and when it is her time, she’ll join him and they’ll put together the supergroup they talked about. I included some photos I took.

1 Dave intro
2 Joan intro
3 Cherry Bomb
4 Bad Reputation

3: Chevy Metal Set note:
Chevy Metal was a band formed by Taylor with old friends, Wiley Hodgden & Mick Murphy. Another high school friend of Taylor, John Davison, who is currently singing with the Steve Howe version of Yes, on Owner of a Lonely Heart. Kesha sang David Bowie’s “Heros” and had a major waredrobe failure but laughed it off saying that Taylor would have found it hilarious.

1 intro by Shane Hawkins
2 Riff Raff [AC/DC]
3 Owner of a Lonely Heart [Yes] (with Jon Davison)
4 “Heroes” [David Bowie] (with Kesha)

4: The Coattail Riders Set note:
The Coattail Riders was another of Taylor Hawkin’s side projects. Mark King, singer & bass player of Level 42, joined them to play one of Taylor’s favorite songs, Something About You – one of many surprises of the night. Rufus Taylor, singer of the Darkness & no relation, joined for a cover of a Darkness’ song.
The Coattail Riders members:
Gannin Arnold
Nate Wood
Chris Chaney
Brent Woods
John Lousteau

1 intro
2 Range Rover Bitch
3 It’s Over
4 Something About You [Level 42] (with Mark King)
5 I Believe in a Thing Called Love [The Darkness] (with Rufus Taylor)

5: James Gang Set note:
James Gang was one of Taylor’s favorite bands. They reformed for this show.

1 intro
2 Walk Away
3 The Bomber: Closet Queen / Bolero / Cast Your Fate to the Wind
4 Funk #49

6: Mark Ronson Set note:
Mark stated that Right Down the Line was one of Taylor’s most favorite songs, so a fitting tribute.
Mark Ronson
Andrew Wyatt
Dave Grohl

1 Dave intro
2 Mark intro
3 Right Down the Line [Gerry Rafferty]

7: Them Crooked Vultures Set note:
Josh Homme commented that he didn’t know why they were doing it, before launching into Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.
Josh Homme = vocals, guitar
John Paul Jones – bass, keyboards
Dave Grohl – drums
Alain Johannes – guiatr

1 intro
2 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road [Elton John]
3 Dead End Friends
4 Long Slow Goodbye

8: Wolfgang Van Halen Set note:
Dave pointed out how Taylor’s fashion sense was inspired by Van Halen.
Wolfgang Van Halen – guitar
Justin Hawkins – vocals
Josh Freese – drums
Dave Grohl – bass

1 intro
2 Panama
3 Hot for Teacher

9: Def Leppard Set note:
Miley joining on Photograph was yet another surpise for the evening.
Def Leppard + Foo Fighters + Patrick Wilson

1 intro by Pat Smear
2 Rock of Ages
3 Photograph (with Miley Cyrus)

10: Motley Crue Set note:
Nikki Sixx – bass
Tommy Lee – drums
Derek Day – vocals
Foo Fighters

1 intro
2 Rock of Ages
3 Photograph (with Miley Cyrus)

11: Elliot Easton Set note:
Elliot Easton from the Cars played two songs, with Josh Homme on vocals (who needs to study the lyrics a bit more) and backed by the Foos. Another nice surprise for the evening. After his set, the crowd erupted in a “Taylor Hawkins” chant, which I included at the end.
Elliot Easton – guitar
Josh Homme – vogals
+ Foo Fighters

1 Josh Homme & Elliot Easton intro
2 Shake It Up [The Cars]
3 Just What I Needed [The Cars]
4 Taylor Hawkins chant

12: P!nk Heart Set note:
Nancy Wilson got on stage, with P!nk doing a fine job on the Heart Classic – Barracuda. I like to think of this band as a supergroup, that I’m calling P!nk Heart …

1 intro
2 Barracuda

13: Stewart Copeland Set note:
Anyone who has listened to Taylor’s drumming knows Stewart Copeland was a huge influence on him. I was worried about Everything Little Thing, as that song has been buchered countless times at karoke nights and American Idol, but John Davison, an old friend of Taylor, does a really nice version. I guess having Stewart on drums and backed by the Foos also helped.
Stewart Copeland – drums

John Davison – vocals
Foo Fighters

1 intro
2 Next to You (Dave sings)
3 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (with Jon Davison)

14: Alanis Morissette Set note:
Taylor basically got his professional start drumming in Alanis’ band. He definately helped propel her first album with some kick-ass drumming, so its not surprising that Alanis would join the tribute. Chad Smith did a good job on drums.
Alanis Morrissette – vocals

Chris Chaney – bass
Chad Smith – drums
Foo Fighters

1 intro
2 You Oughta Know

15: Bach Sabbath Set note:
I like to think of this set as Bach Sabbith or even Bach Sabbithica …
Sebastian Bach – vocals
Geezer Butler – bass
Lars Ulrich – drums
Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, Chris Shiftlett – guitars

1 intro
2 Supernaut [Black Sabbath]
3 Paranoid [Black Sabbath] (With “Heaven & Hell” outro)

16: Rush Set note:
I think everyone was surprised when Jack Black showed up, but then again it shouldn’t have been. Dave looked ecstatic drumming on 2112, and there was a great hand off of drum sticks at the end to Chad Smith (see:

1 Jack Black intro
2 2112 Part I: Overture (with Dave Grohl)
3 Working Man (with Chad Smith)
4 YYZ (with Danny Carey)

17 Soundgarden Set note:
This was, at least for me, the biggest mystery of the night. What were Kim Thayil and Kris Novselic going to be doing. Well, the answer should have been obvious. Taylor Momsen put her all into both songs, but she also seemed to be stuggling with her emotions, which is completely understandable, singing in place of Chris Cornell, for Taylor Hawkins. Hard to believe 3 years ago, Taylor Hawkins was singing The Day I Tried To Live at the Chris Cornell tribute, now to have another Taylor do the same for him.
Kim Thayil – guitar
Matt Cameron – drums
Kris Novoselic – bass
Taylor Momsen – vocals
Dave Grohl – guitars
Pat Smear – guitars

1 intro
2 The Day I Tried to Live [Soundgarden]
3 Black Hole Sun [Soundgarden]

18: Queen Set Note
Queen was obviously one of Taylors favorite band. I’ll miss hearing him do Somebody to Love and Under Pressure, which was always a highlight of Foos shows. Very emotional set for many reasons. I don’t think there was a dry eye during and after Love of My Life, which was Taylor & Alison’s wedding song. It seemed like Roger had trouble getting through the song. This was one of the emotional highlights of a very long night. Small side note, Rufus Taylor is Roger Taylor’s son & drums for The Darkness.
Queen + Foo Fighters

1 intro
2 We Will Rock You (with Justin Hawkins on vocals, Rufus Taylor on 2nd drums)
3 I’m in Love With My Car (Roger on vocals; Rufus Taylor on drums)
4 Under Pressure (with Justin Hawkin on drums)
5 Somebody to Love (with P!nk on vocals)
6 Love of My Life (Brian May solo acoustic)

19: Foo Fighters Set note:
An emotional final set, not much more to say than to let this set speak for itself.

1 video tribute
2 All My Life (with Josh Freese)
3 The Pretender (with Jon Theodore + P!nk)
4 Walk (with Travis Barker)
5 Low (with Matt Cameron)
6 This Is a Call (with Brad Wilk)
7 The Sky Is a Neighborhood (with Patrick Wilson)
8 Creep (with Dave Chappelle and Patrick Wilson)
9 Run (with Omar Hakim)
10 Best of You (with Rufus Taylor)
11 My Hero (with Oliver Shane Hawkins)
12 I’ll Stick Around (with Oliver Shane Hawkins)
13 Everlong (with Chad Smith)

Recording details:

Taper: loughney
Location: Section 215
Lineage: SP-CMC-4U > Sony A10 > WAV > Sound Forge (fades, reduce crowd noise) > CDWAVE (splits) > FLAC


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