Van Halen 1993-07-07 Groton, CT FLAC/AUD (kingrue Master) (Source 2)

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*Recorded and posted by kingrue on *

Van Halen
Thames River Pavilion
Groton, Connecticut
July 7, 1993 (Source #2)

Source : Realistic Cassette Walkman with built in mics > Cassette Master

Transfer : Sony Dual Deck > Philips 760 CD burner (16/44)

Editing : Sound Forge (CD extract, tracking) > Wave > TLH (sbe aligned) > Flac 8

Traders Den – February 6, 2023

Recorded, transferred & posted by kingrue upload #3563

This is uncirculated, never shared until now.
This was on a military base, in a open field.
I went with a bunch of friends, none of us had tickets.
This was recorded from the sidewalk on the other side of the fence next the entrance road.
This is a rowdy tape with some yelling and swearing from people arguing.
People on the inside were yelling at us to leave because we were watching it for free.
Security Police made us move across the road, to stop the problem.
My batteries soon died and i ended up leaving after the first hour.
This sounds very distant.

Band line-up
Michael Anthony – bass, backing vocals
Sammy Hagar – rhythm guitar, lead vocals
Alex Van Halen – drums, backing vocals
Edward Van Halen – lead guitar, keyboard, backing vocals (died October 6, 2020 age 65)

Total Time = 56:21

Set list
01 Mine All Mine
02 Why Can’t This Be Love?
03 Poundcake
04 Judgement Day
05 Panama
06 Love Walks In
07 Runaround
08 Bass Solo
09 Best Of Both Worlds
10 Pleasure Dome (crowd arguing)
11 Drum Solo
12 Dreams
13 Right Now (fades out)


Source #1 can be found here:….php?id=703185


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01 Mine All Mine.flac:68d74bb2a9399c6b33e40f0e3c365433
02 Why Can’t This Be Love.flac:d91815408f7bc3a724814456053dfc8d
03 Poundcake.flac:416a61b6d13b9875e2552cbebf19d15d
04 Judgement Day.flac:cb4cfc4b9b003f6a95205493fe54a93a
05 Panama.flac:80f57e74f1518234265ee2553dfdd9fe
06 Love Walks In.flac:048e8ab9665a539887e7d1f4ed12a2dc
07 Runaround.flac:31b5606f19434add86190323f02f4761
08 Bass Solo.flac:c2cd9198fda50dfe4b88620c53a14ae9
09 Best Of Both Worlds.flac:43b8293ec0ac13692491d5a53f5a097d
10 Pleasure Dome.flac:189fb9321f2665af7bc95210727531fa
11 Drum Solo.flac:50e0da7fd2c3446d2c51c76f841019db
12 Dreams.flac:c29d076ee1452d2b6a3e59fc939e07f9
13 Right Now.flac:270698276bd6bf9ae0a8d60634390dfb

Checksum file saved to disk.

No errors occured.

When you turn on your stereo, does it return the favor?


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