Van Halen: Three of a Kind

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Does anyone have this compilation?

Van Halen Three of a Kind

Disc 1
Unchained 4:15
Without You 6:18
One I Want 5:04
Mean Street 6:51
When It’s Love 5:24
Fire In the Hole 5:33
Romeo Delight 4:45
I’m The One 3:41
Why Can’t This Be Love 3:55
Jamie’s Cryin’ 4:14
Dance the Night Away 2:07
Feel Your Love Tonight 2:53
Humans Being 5:39
Somebody Get Me A Doctor 4:27

Disc 1 Time – 65:12

Disc 2
A Year To the Day 10:35
You Really Got Me 2:44
Dreams 4:45
Right Now 8:00
Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 5:06
Josephina 5:23
How Many Say I 6:04
Dirty Water Dog 4:35
Panama 8:28
Jump 5:27

Disc 2 Time – 61:11

This 2 disc set contains the best recordings of the 1998 world tour all in one seamless set. The only things missing is Alex’s Drum Solo and Edward’s Guitar Solo.
Great audio quality throughout. Each track seams into the next like they are all from the same show.
Artwork is taken from the VH III cards included in the tin box release. The inside-back includes the track listing, while the rear artwork includes both the track listing and the location and date information for each track.
Released in Jan. 2003.


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