VH 2012-03-24 Atlantic City (Lou)

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Van Halen 2012.03.24 Atlantic City

Description Van Halen
Boardwalk Hall
Atlantic City, NJ, USA
March 24, 2012–Saturday

Taper: Lou
Location: Section 224, Row C, Seat 6

Lineage: SP-CMC-2 (AT831′s with low sensitivity mod) > SP-SPSB-8 (95 Hz bass roll off) > Edirol R-09 > WAV 24/48 > CDWave > Trader’s Little Helper > FLAC(level 8)
Raw master recording

Quality: B+ / A-
File Size: 1.18 GB, FLAC

Total Time: 109:06

1. Unchained 5:14
2. Runnin’ With The Devil 3:48
3. She’s The Woman 2:56
4. The Full Bug 3:34
5. Tattoo 4:40
6. Everybody Wants Some!! 6:44
7. Somebody Get Me A Doctor 3:37
8. China Town 3:31
9. Hear About It Later 4:51
10. (Oh) Pretty Woman 3:00
11. Drum Solo 2:55
12. You Really Got Me 3:47
13. The Trouble With Never 4:32
14. Dance The Night Away 3:50
15. I’ll Wait 5:04
16. Hot For Teacher 5:22
17. Women In Love… 4:29
18. Outta Love Again 3:10
19. Beautiful Girls 4:01
20. Ice Cream Man 7:29
21. Panama 3:34
22. Guitar Solo (Eruption, Spanish Fly, Cathedral) 8:14
23. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 5:12
24. Jump 5:44

This is a nice, warm recording, as good if not marginally better than my Philly 3/5/12 recording. I had nobody in front of me and nobody to my right, so the only audience annoyances you’ll hear is some clapping from the guy to my left and an occasional scream. I was pleased with how crisply the high frequencies came out compared to Philly and Toronto, and this one definitely has better separation of instruments than Toronto. The only thing holding it back from “A” territory is that it has an “auditorium” feel to it with the echo. Unless you’re recording from the floor, which I was not, that’s inevitable with these indoor audience recordings. Especially in a place like Boardwalk Hall which has more reverberation than your garden variety indoor venue.

Eddie was really amazing in this one, what more can one say about him? He is playing as well as he did 30 years ago. On the other hand I have no idea what Roth’s deal was. He rammed through the setlist with virtually no ad libbing between or during the songs, and he screwed up a lot of lyrics even for his standards. But they all seemed to be having a great time up there and the chemistry was as strong as it’s ever been.

There will not be a 16 bit version. I don’t have the interest in doing that so any one of you can take it upon yourselves to do that and upload it to Dime, no need to ask me. Really you can do whatever you want with it without asking–mate it to a DVD, upload as mp3 files on guitars101.com, etc. I can’t stop you anyway and I stopped caring about such things a long time ago.

FFP file and shntool results included.


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