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Posted by ga5150 on Dime. Thanks!


Posting by request. This is the 4th of 4 sources for this show. Please note- it is incomplete as the first four songs were not recorded.

CONTRAST CLAUSE: This recording is by a different source than the one at, and, and finally here

Van Halen
Wachovia Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Of America
October 3, 2007

DPA4061′s>MT24/96>Audition (compression/normalization/fades/tracking)>DBPowerAmp (conversion to 16/44)>TLH>FLAC (8)
Recorded By Ballistica
Tape comment by Normanatee
SBEs corrected with TLH


01 Somebody Get Me A Doctor (cut/fades in)
02 Beautiful Girls
03 Dance The Night Away
04 Atomic Punk
05 Everybody Wants Some
06 So This Is Love
07 Mean Street
08 Pretty Woman
09 Drum Solo
10 Unchained
11 I’ll Wait
12 …And The Cradle Will Rock
13 Hot For Teacher
14 Little Dreamer
15 Little Guitars
16 Jamie’s Cryin’
17 Dave Raps
18 Ice Cream Man
19 Panama
20 Guitar Solo
21 Ain’t Talkin”Bout Love
22 1984
23 Jump

Good CD split might be after Little Dreamer

794887c8369ad3ae4f0a782ad6e1b1fd *01 Somebody Get Me A Doctor.flac
c04f7e33ec2e6e03531b0639464b87a4 *02 Beautiful Girls.flac
86d70b8b5edb5d0887bf17a547797154 *03 Dance The Night Away.flac
ff6ac9f70b1ad7b7f062f2d98a1f845a *04 Atomic Punk.flac
c191b16a7c21833872e209eca24c19f8 *05 Everybody Wants Some.flac
1fa24d086f504f05cfbf0d7eb2864d08 *06 So This Is Love.flac
0822f5877ed5ecbcf33a8993c6064217 *07 Mean Street.flac
083448dec437f756ccea28e5e918beef *08 Pretty Woman.flac
00d9aab25b35bcdd63b163898c0963b0 *09 Drum Solo.flac
1e0b0ad3d9f55ce94c4b589b03cdd706 *10 Unchained.flac
fc17aba02cfee8e8086555d5ba0aa107 *11 I’ll Wait.flac
44063d9435e4aff202e10a23cce8e749 *12 And The Cradle Will Rock.flac
7a29f810b9a1f1fb4100bd9a2a694255 *13 Hot For Teacher.flac
1b3ed2cdfed02aaa51ea2ffeb94d8887 *14 Little Dreamer.flac
39fa40ec9333188d442744599be8e29f *15 Little Guitars.flac
12bd0653826662877b631fa27e814062 *16 Jamie’s Cryin.flac
213627595c9670f25ee6f815c80827ef *17 Dave Raps.flac
981212c370e82e0b5bc7ebd5f7492a3a *18 Ice Cream Man.flac
18905b71b0acfd0cb0b26824732ac0e0 *19 Panama.flac
78bb86ee38b0f20dda32792843212691 *20 Guitar Solo.flac
2f99cffcba635819c820e03ae35a1256 *21 Aint Talkin Bout Love.flac
52fb162699afcac1daaaaa9194bc4203 *22 1984.flac
a97a38e3da37d71a53bf2aaeb46c51cb *23 Jump.flac

No errors occurred.


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