Van Halen 2007-10-03 Philadelphia, PA Source N.R.F.A. Productions

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Posted by ga5150 on Dime. Thanks!


Posting by request. This is the 3rd of 4 sources for this show.

CONTRAST CLAUSE: This recording is by a different source than the one at, and

“Full Circle” (N.R.F.A. Productions)
Van Halen
Wachovia Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States of America
October 3, 2007

Notes: After a completely dismal recording of the first show, I was determined to make this one much better. The only problem I encountered was a slightly low recording level and a hippie girl doing the retard dance in the aisle next to me. The low levels were done on purpose – my first night had very hot levels (but not peaking or distorting). I unfortunately had a lot of talkers, screamers and out of time clappers around me who you could hear BETTER than the band at times. Little did I realize that this had little to with my levels, and everything to do with the fact that I didn’t use my battery box the first night. Live and learn.

On to THIS recording – Overall, I think it came out very good – all vocals and instruments are very up front, crowd noise and chatter is at a minimum. Since I had to boost the levels considerably on the computer, you can hear some slight air in quiet spots, but it’s not really that bad at all. The performance is OK..the first night was better, but alas my recording was not. I realize this night was already upped, but I think this is a very good sounding alternate source.

Thanks to all who offered their photos for artwork – I took you up on it – Artwork included! :)

This is my first upload here or anywhere! I hope I don’t screw it up, and I’d appreciate some time getting it on the other torrent sites. If you don’t see it where you’d like it, drop me a line here. I just want to get my shares up at other places if needed :)

Lineage: SoundPro SP-CMC2s w/SoundPro SP-PREAMP > Edirol R-09 (16/44.1) > Soundforge > WAV > EAC > WAVs > Flac Level 6

Quality: Very Good Audience Recording

Recorded & Transferred By: rcoveles


Disc 1:

de3a6bfe5747069b751d580270ae067e *01 You Really Got Me.flac
d2349db9319bfba6cb3e8364b74cc74e *02 I’m The One.flac
201e046cb74cd65e85c4356e5c695d0c *03 Runnin’ With The Devil.flac
075083ed54df322ddd8276bf10c3018b *04 Romeo Delight.flac
c32ed20e41fe244753887dfd447cc83e *05 Somebody Get Me A Doctor.flac
12ab7d7ac010082e67a4128bbb0eb04b *06 Beautiful Girls.flac
8ec0855c4d88274c621a765a93df4900 *07 Dance The Night Away.flac
46ce9c1397e2b889de819cd38b8b5ee3 *08 Atomic Punk.flac
85f3ad5297b3458157a012f1a6973bff *09 Everybody Wants Some.flac
05a3532cf8e3f6e6367719cf14530c97 *10 So This Is Love.flac
e37659c2ab7e31c06d6db5c9d7fd213f *11 Mean Street.flac
1c1665d486e0592236e0031b1ad061e4 *12 Pretty Woman.flac
b009d864a4609730e3e74862dcc097d0 *13 Drum Solo.flac

Disc 2:

62add8d22d81303213097250c5779d38 *01 Unchained.flac
4362b2ae86feb74dd16eeae35779b0ce *02 I’ll Wait.flac
d240c9cfe46bb25e002041f56658153d *03 …And The Cradle Will Rock.flac
d711f9e76c7a340ca4452d9a6175dbcf *04 Hot For Teacher.flac
4d863a7523619d88818364ec5b3cf360 *05 Little Dreamer.flac
97069cd66703c1f5b9d72a71a13532d9 *06 Little Guitars.flac
17a7fa9fee6ddca72debbbaa157786bf *07 Jamie’s Cryin’.flac
2a595deda0f64eccdbdc8da90fd505f6 *08 Ice Cream Man.flac
ea7fe8e491804d49babcf15692128d0a *09 Panama.flac
7e449df197bf99c29d67e3f9b9a851d3 *10 Guitar Solo.flac
24a71d1da6b4544fc5e61849ae271606 *11 Ain’t Talkin”Bout Love.flac
4e5c4b334f357110e6fede5ee871f293 *12 1984.flac
e52cdbe76adf0763612c0d760530721f *13 Jump.flac

2nd Night

Disc 1
01 You Really Got Me
02 I’m The One
03 Runnin’ With The Devil
04 Romeo Delight
05 Somebody Get Me A Doctor
06 Beautiful Girls
07 Dance The Night Away
08 Atomic Punk
09 Everybody Wants Some
10 So This Is Love
11 Mean Street
12 Pretty Woman
13 Drum Solo

Disc 2
01 Unchained
02 I’ll Wait
03 …And The Cradle Will Rock
04 Hot For Teacher
05 Little Dreamer
06 Little Guitars
07 Jamie’s Cryin’
08 Ice Cream Man
09 Panama
10 Guitar Solo
11 Ain’t Talkin”Bout Love
12 1984
13 Jump


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